We’re bringing the heat with this upcoming Feast!

gamefound's feast
We’re bringing the heat with this Feast! The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to dream big, explore, and unlock incredible adventures.

June 2024 Feast:

In this survival co-op, you and your allies can explore the unknown, encounter evil as you set out to gather resources, build your base, and construct armor and weapons that will help you take down the ever-growing darkness.  Follow the project to secure your spot in Valheim. 

Get ready for the spiritual successor to Skytear. It’s not just a second edition but a completely new, much more accessible board game set in the same universe. Follow now, for a promo pack with the foil version of your favorite ultimates. 

Explore the background stories of every adventurer, including a brand-new duo, in this expansion to the critically acclaimed game Lands of Galzyr. Don't pass up character-driven stories, new quests, and lots more by following now! 

A standalone sequel to Above and Below is on its way! In this 2-4 player you must delve into the watery caves, and build a village in a haunted marshland. Follow for the opportunity to discover rare treasures and untold wonders. 

In this tactical euro board game, battle the plague head-on and reconstruct the once-fallen empire. Play alone or with up to four other players. Follow now and stay updated on the launch.   

Compete to build fantastical towers in this 2-4 player worker placement game designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling. Returning with all-new art, setting, and componentry - follow now so you don't miss out.

Take off on an adventure in a fantastical setting influenced by the samurai era. Follow now because this is your only chance to get your hands on Harakiri: Blades of Honor, with incredible components and a new final act. 

In this absurd universe, golf has turned into an interstellar battle royale reality show. The stunning minis and modular 3D scenery will make for an amazing experience amidst the chaos. Hit that follow button!

Wallace Designs is returning! Casus Belli is a game of exploration, settlement, and space warfare that can be enjoyed alone or by up to 4 players. Get ready for a new cosmic experience by following now.

A special expansion will soon be available for the immensely popular horror game Terrorscape! You have two options: run for your life or enjoy the hunt as the killer - but only if you follow now. 

Archon Studio is back with a fan favorite! The acclaimed video game adaptation for 1-4 players is based on deck building, exploration, and hero development. Numerous expansions, solo campaigns, and a cooperative mode will provide you with hours of fun. Get to following.