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ZESTREA - a marriage negotiation boardgame by Valiant Game Studio AB Valiant Game Studio AB
A marriage negotiation boardgame from Romania. Welcome to the post-campaign site, where you can complete your order, pay for shipping and preorder a copy if you missed our Kickstarter campaign.
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN
Zestrea EN

Zestrea EN

***Order 1 x ZESTREA copy in English*** Zestrea is a marriage negotiation board game about ridiculous Romanian traditions, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times. It can be played by 3-6 players and one session takes around 90 minutes, depending on your negotiation skills!
15cm x 12.5cm x 5cm
444 left

Product description

Claim your Zestrea Kickstarter reward here or - if you missed our campaign - preorder now!

Zestrea ships in a sturdy laminated box containing:
  •  84 villager cards (42 Lads and 42 Maidens)
  •  80 Zestre/Land cards
  •  35 Fate cards
  •  14 Hard Times cards
  •  3 Good Times cards
  •  6 Boyar cards for quick info
  • one 6-sided die 
  • one manual 

Please note that the pictures displayed here are prototype pictures - the Zestrea commercial product is of a higher quality, including rounded, more durable cards as well as a card holder insert. 

Claim your Zestrea Kickstarter reward here or - if you missed our campaign - preorder now! Scroll down to read about claiming your reward, preordering Zestrea and shipping options.

More info

Zestrea is a marriage negotiation board game inspired by Romanian traditions and village life. Zestrea is ready  for commercial print and we recently hosted a Kickstarter campaign to secure just that. Thank you so very much to everyone who backed us, allowing us to reach an amazing 220% of our goal and secure a much better print quality! Zestrea is currently in production and will be ready to ship this spring. 
We will distribute about 650 Zestrea copies in English and about 400 in Romanian directly to our Kickstarter backers, who will get credits here as detailed below. We will, however, print 1000 copies of each language so if you missed our Kickstarter campaign, you can now pre-order your Zestrea copy as detailed below. Pre-orders are limited by stock and will likely be distributed fast. 
We prepared several shipping options for you, too. So please scroll down and read about the credits for our Kickstarter backers, about new pre-orders and about the available shipping options.
Kickstarter Backers Credits

If you are one of our Kickstarter backers, first and foremost: THANK YOU! 
As soon as you log in with the same e-mail address you used when you pledged on Kickstarter, you should already have credits on Gamefound. The amount of credits is according to the amount of games you selected from the Kickstarter campaign, as well as the extra cash you added to your pledge. You should have a minimum of 25 euro credits per ordered game, or 40 euro per RO+EN option, which covers the cost of the games.
To retrieve your Zestrea copy on Gamefound, please choose the appropriate product(s) and then, at checkout, you will be able to choose a shipping option, which you will pay via STRIPE (the same payment system used by Kickstarter).

Zestrea pre-orders
If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, we are happy to inform you that you can now pre-order Zestrea here. You can find videos, images, information and beautiful Zestrea art on our website or on our Zestrea Kickstarter campaign page
To preorder, simply select the Zestrea game version(s) you want and Add to cart. You will be able to order additional copies during your checkout. You can also order multiple versions of Zestrea - for example, a copy in English and one in Romanian. You will then be able to select your shipping options. 
Shipping Options

We promised to keep the shipping costs under 20 Euros, which is why we collaborate with two shipping companies and why you may choose the quality of the shipping you prefer. You can also pick up your Zestrea game for free from selected locations. 
For worldwide shipment, we collaborate with a German fulfilment partner that was recommended to us by other game board creator friends - so we trust them to deliver in good time and good quality. 
They offer two shipping options: the cheaper one is through Deutsche Post and will be under 20 Euro. This option provides a tracking number and collaborates with national postal services. This option does not include insurance, so if your national postal service is unreliable and your Zestrea copy will be lost or damaged, there is no solution to go to. We recommend that you use your own wisdom and experience in relation to your national postal services if you choose this option. 
The more expensive shipping option is in collaboration with DHL and it includes tracking and insurance. This option exceeds 20 Euro in many cases. However this guarantees that if your Zestrea game is lost or damaged, the shipping company takes full responsibility and you will get a new Zestrea copy shipped to you at no extra cost. 
For shipment in Romania, we will use Poșta Română since it is the absolute cheapest option we could find. This will, of course, cost way under 20 Euros. 
For free pick-up, you can get your copy of Zestrea from Cluj, Copenhagen and Stockholm, as well as Bucharest in certain occasions. This has a very wide time limit - the games will be in our homes and offices - so you can pick it up at your convenience. Stay tuned for exact addresses for free pick-up - we will provide additional information as soon as we get the copies. For Bucharest, we will announce in time the events and occasions where you can come and pick up your copy.


We gathered a bit of feedback (mixed in English and Romanian) from our awesome players and press who reviewed Zestrea prototypes. We have a lot more reviews on our Facebook page - so check it out here!

"The competitive cooperation required was interesting and provided a good evening of entertainment." - Everything Board Games

"Zestrea is a really fun and charming game! It has simple, yet interesting rules, so new players can quickly start playing. I played the game many times but I never got bored of it, like it tends to happen with many other board games I tried. The negociations and the strategies create really unique gameplays every time! I highly recommend it!" - Ana Spoiala

"Nu-s eu un mare board game geek, dar aş risca să spun că Zestrea e un fel de Catan + Monopoly într-un cadru feudal cu elemente RPG şi cu anacronisme ridicole. Umbra Cernobîlului şi mersul cu TIR-ul pă Italea convieţuiesc cu cătănia şi haiducii, iar Consuela şi Paraschiva se pot mărita dacă ţii morţiş, dar numai la Amsterdam. Yep, genul ăla de umor.[...]...un Game of Thrones de subzistenţă cu intrigi de curte (mă rog, de ogradă) şi alianţe şubrede." - Utopia Balcanică

"Zestrea is a great board game that is easy to understand for first time players but also has some strategic depth to keep players coming back. The game has a humorous way of portraying its setting and narrative and combines this setting nicely with good game mechanics and fantastic art" - Max Wrighton

"Zestrea looks quirky, funny, and gorgeous" - Gameosity.net

"Un joc "boieresc" ca să-i zic așa. Stai jos, bei , dai cu zarul...și mai ales râzi.Ai cam de toate...suspans, nuntă, umor de situație, vechi și nou, negociere, trădări, faliment, "blestemul pământului"...ș-al iubirii...ș-al iubirii....Lipsesc decât(!) înmormântările ...Dar sunt convins că vin și alea și abia aștept primul add-on!
Puneți mâna și strângeți zestre că vin vremuri grele (prietenii știu de ce)" - Paul Pandrea

"This game is so much fun to play with a medium/large group of friends. It has a high level of interaction between players, leading to fun situations where you have to build trust and develop strategies with your friends. You're never sure who's going to win until the very end!" - Flaviu Ciobanu