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Warpgate: Beyond by Wolffdesigna Wolffdesigna
New Expansion for Warpgate, a fast-paced game of galactic conquest. Includes new and reworked Objectives, new Tactics, Technologies, a separate deck for Solo AI, and more!

Project story

1 - 6
Play time
90 min
14 +
area control
Not long after harnessing space flight and taking their first bold steps into the great void, your people discovered an object on the far edge of their star system. An exploration fleet was assembled and sent to investigate. The object was a colossal gate, presumably built by an ancient alien species. When approached, it activated, opening a passage into uncharted space. This is where you take command.

Warpgate: Beyond is a fast-paced game of hand management and area control. Command your star fleets, establish colonies and engage your enemies in quick and decisive battles for the control of the galaxy.
  • It's quick. You don't need the entire day to conquer the galaxy. A two player game of Warpgate can be completed in 45 minutes.
  • It's fast paced. All you have to do on your turn is play one card and resolve one action. Next thing you know - it's your turn again!
  • It's easy to learn. Everything is streamlined. You'll probably know all the rules by the end of round two.
  • It's dynamic. Expect constant fighting, planets captured and re-captured. Combat is quick and simple, yet presents players with interesting choices.
  • It's replayable. There are 16 alien factions with unique abilities, 35 technology cards and randomizable player board to make sure that no game is the same.
  • No player elimination. Everybody is in it until the end. With secret mission cards every player can try and snatch that last-turn victory!
  • No dice. It's a battle of wits ;)



What's in the Box?

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Gameplay and Rules Overview

  • The goal of the game is to score the most Victory Points by the end of the game. The main way to do this is by completing secret objectives (although there are other ways to score victory points).
  • During each round players take turns to play action cards, until each player plays 4 cards.
  • The later in the round a card is played, the more powerful it becomes. For example, a card may let you only deploy 1 ship if played on the first turn, but if you wait until turn 4, you will be able to deploy 4 ships, using the same card. Timing is important.
  • Combat is frequent and quick. Both sides draw two Tactic cards and play one simultaneously. Tactic cards modify the strength of your fleet and trigger a special ability. The better the ability, the lower the bonus to your fleet strength and vice-versa. The side with the highest fleet strength wins the battle and forces the enemies to withdraw, but losing the battle often lets you use a stronger special ability.

The rulebook is available for download here.

You can try the demo setup yourself on Tabletopia.

Or you can check this rules overview video by "The Game Pit":

What's new in Warpgate: Beyond

  • Warpgate: Beyond replaces all cards in the base game, and adds new ones, bringing the total to 242 cards (not counting the "Daily Unlocks").
  • Hero, Basic and Advanced Tactics cards were rebalanced and many new ones were added. (More details).
  • All Technology cards were reworked and rebalanced. (More details).
  • Two Solo-AI action decks are included in the expansion, enhancing the solo experience. (More details).
  • Objective cards now have partial completion mechanism, existing Objectives were reworked or rebalanced and new ones were added. (More details).
  • New Action cards support simultaneous play to eliminate downtime and speed-up the game even further. (More details).

Why Back Now

  • Warpgate: Beyond is Gamefound exclusive. It will not be available outside of this campaign.
  • This is your best chance to get a copy of Warpgate.
  • You know exactly what you are getting. The base game of Warpgate is a time-proven design, with rules and Tabletopia demo available, further improved on in Warpgate: Beyond.
  • Your support helps us keep making games.

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