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Pandemonium Estate by Winter Moon Games Winter Moon Games
Pandemonium Estate is an Otherworldly Adventure Board Game that takes place in an interdimensional mansion that exists between world and time. Play through one of three full-length, replayable, thematic Storyline modes as one of eight unique characters that was pulled into the mansion against their will. Each Storyline has its own rules, components, and goals. Complete various objectives to earn the most Essence (victory points) and return to your home world.

Project story

2 - 5
Play time
90 min
14 +

Creative Team



Customize your game experience with your choice of new and/or upgraded components.

Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Meet the Characters


eNVy Board Gaming - "We never playfully said, ' **** YOU! ' to each other in our lives!"

What's in the Box?

How to Play the Main Game

How to Play The Torn Storyline

How to Play The Depraved Storyline

How to Play The Marauders Storyline

Full Playthrough

Read the Rule Book (Draft)



Refunds and cancellation

You may cancel your Pledge at any time after the end of the Gamefound campaign* and request a refund. From the end of the campaign until your game is shipped, we will be able to offer 90% refunds as the Gamefound fee will already have been paid.

* Refund amounts are subject to being affected by the exchange rate at time of refund if you have pledged with any currency other than USD.

You can request a refund by emailing us at cb@wintermoongames.com

Risks and challenges

This will mark my first successful Crowdfunding campaign with Gamefound, I am particularly excited about the opportunities provided by Gamefound and the team of consultants we have working on the release of Pandemonium Estate.

As we all know, the fluid conditions around the globe may cause some shipping costs to reasonably fluctuate, but Winter Moon Games is committed to delivering Pandemonium Estate on time, at a reasonable transport cost. We reasonably anticipate, and look forward to, putting you inside the Mansion before June 2023.