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Big Easy Busking by Weird Giraffe Games
Be the best band on the streets of New Orleans in this 45 min area control game for 1-5 players!
Dreams of Tomorrow: Awaken

Dreams of Tomorrow: Awaken

Expansion for Dreams of Tomorrow

Product description

This expansion includes 8 new cards with four of them adding in no resonance to your dream sequences, but being worth a large number of points and four of them adding in resonance to all dream sequences but being worth very few points. They also add in four new abilities, including one that combines with other abilities!

More info

Dreams of Tomorrow is a set collection shifting rondel game about building dreams for 1-6 players that plays in 45 minutes. Players are dream engineers trying to save their present by sending dreams to past. Longer dream sequences that are better connected have a higher chance of getting through to the dreamer, but there's also certain dreams that are more impactful than others. Dreams can also allow the dream engineer certain abilities, so all these aspects must be weighed when choosing what kind of dream sequence to create. The last round is triggered when any one dream engineer has added five dreams to their dream sequence. 

  • Fast and Engaging Turns: Each turn involves moving on the rondel to take the action of your choice, which could give resources to your fellow dream engineers, so play moves quickly!
  • Shifting Rondel: Take advantage of the Dream Fragments you've collected to manipulate the rondel in your favor.
  • Pleasant Night VS Terrible Night: There's two main modes of play; Pleasant Night, where the players make all the changes to the rondel, and Terrible Night, where the Night Mare can upset the rondel and take actions out of your reach.
Turns are fast and player engagement is high as resources are gathered on each player's turn. Are you going to spend your resources to move quickly to the locations you need or will you use your abilities to get there, instead?


  • "Dreams of Tomorrow is a hoot, a constant battle of wits. If you’re playing in Night Mare mode, which I strongly recommend, it really makes the game crazy chaotic fun." - Rahdo Runs Through (video)
  • "The level of thought that went into this game makes me feel appreciated and catered to as a solo player, and the result of that careful thought is a truly fun and quick-playing solo game." - Liz, Beyond Solitaire (written and video)
  • "Dreams of Tomorrow is the type of game I’m always on the hunt for. It has the total package of solid design, cool theme, smart gameplay, and a challenging solo mode." - Jeremy, Jambalaya Plays Games (written)
  • "Let me tell you, the Night Mare is what the game needed to “crank it to 11” so to speak. It took it from a game I enjoyed to a game I really loved." - Marti, Open Seat Gaming (written)
  • "Dreams of Tomorrow is not just a board game in my opinion, but a game in the next wave of awesome, different and captivating games and that is something worth shouting about." - Katie, Katie’s Game Corner, (written)
  • "There’s been a rise in the number of 30-45 minute games recently; Dreams of Tomorrow stands out for its ability to provide a rich experience in a small package. It’s both rules-light and experience-deep, and if that wasn’t enough the art is stunning.” - Raf, Ding and Dent (written)
  • "Dreams of Tomorrow is just a really solid, really fun game. Overall, we had a blast with Dreams of Tomorrow and we can’t wait to get our hands on the finished product." - Gameosity (written)
  • "Basically, I love this one. It has just the right amount of challenge for me, which I can ramp up even more by adding the Night Mare. The Artwork is amazing and adds a great table presence. Each game that I have played has gone better for me than the previous one, which means I will keep wanting to play this game over and over. The variety of the modes of play also helps with the game’s replayability." - Jeremy, Game Geek Ninja (written)
  • "Art and design on this game is absolutely gorgeous. They nailed it with this particular set-up. Being able to switch the cards around is really not only novel but can be downright dastardly." - Draft Mechanics (podcast)
  • "Carla does it again with developing a solo mode that is interesting, challenging in the right ways, and leaves you ready to challenge it again. And then comes the Night Mare. Holy crap, that takes a fun game and cranks it to eleven." - David, Cardboard Clash (written)