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Big Easy Busking by Weird Giraffe Games
Be the best band on the streets of New Orleans in this 45 min area control game for 1-5 players!
Fire in the Library

Fire in the Library

Fire! The books are aflame and history is burning before your very eyes! Save what you can in this stunning 30 min game for 1-6 players
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Product description

 Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game in which players must try their best to rescue books and accumulate knowledge. The game is played in rounds with a variable turn order. There’s advantages and disadvantages with each turn order, with earlier players having more risk but a higher possible reward. 
Take your chances, be the bravest, and save books in Fire in the Library!


  • "This is a great game, designed by great people and published by a great company. The artwork is fantastic, which really completes the feel of the game and engrosses you in the theme. The gameplay is simple but intense and doesn’t overstay its welcome, even at 6 players." - Jeremy, Game Geek Ninja
  • "Fire in the Library is such a solid, complete package that anyone young and old can quickly jump in and play. All of the mechanics - the drawing from the bag, the tools, the library cards - complement each other so well and work in harmony no matter what stage of the game you are in." - Ric, One Board Family
  • "Fire in the Library is a tight, fun game that only gets better with more players. The theme really resonates with the push-your-luck mechanics and as a librarian I can totally confirm that its 100% realistic. Save the books!“ - Gameosity
  • "Many problems I've encountered with press-your-luck games is they tend to carry little or no strategy. Thankfully Fire in the Library provides a great balance of luck and strategy, making it a great filler game for both new and seasoned gamers." - Cassie, The Indie Game Report
  • "The solitaire mode shows off just how strategic the gameplay in Fire in the Library can be. Based on my experience, I wouldn't be surprised if Fire in the Library sets Kickstarter on fire!” - Jeremy, Jambalaya Plays Games
  • "Fire in the Library has just the right blend of theme, luck mitigation, and tension in it to make me reconsider this type of game. With the ability to play up to six players and the short length it takes to play, this is a fun little gem that I have played with several different groups of people, and they have all asked to immediately play it again.”- Stuart, Catholic Mom
“If you don’t like press your luck games, it is only because you have never played Fire in the Library. It is simple and yet strategic, quick and yet full of depth.”- Derek, GoTo.Game