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To Change by usducktape usducktape
A transformative tarot TTRPG where your change will be beautiful, beastly, or turn you into anything in-between. Trans authors and artists offer a collection of adventures in metamorphosis. Read the cards to divine your new form.

Project story

1 - 5
Play time
3 h
13 +
two player
Our actions shape our future, a fate which will shape us in turn. Will this form be desired or detested? Only the one reading the cards can decide what they want to become.
There is power in change. It is one of the few constants in a dynamic world. Stories of metamorphosis permeate human culture, from the oldest myths to today's blockbuster movies. Supernatural or superscience, transformation is a theme that continues to fascinate.
To Change is a rules-light TTRPG where players will find themselves faced with a shared experience of a transformation in the body and mind. Whether the change is something terrible to be avoided or something wonderful to be pursued, whether it is something enigmatic or anticipated, the possibilities are limitless. The system is setting agnostic, with adventures that span a wide range of genres to cover themes of body horror and lost humanity, as well as self discovery and the joy of taking on a new form.

How it Plays

To Change uses a 22 card tarot deck of the major arcana to facilitate exciting action resolution and easy character building. You don't need skill at interpreting tarot to play; all the cards have ascribed functions. Players select cards to represent the facets of their character's personalities, as well as drawing cards to determine success and failure. Of course, players can always succeed by just succumbing to their changes, moving ever closer to reaching the point of Permanence from which there is no reversal.
To Change is designed for short 'one-shot' adventures with a GM/Storyteller who leads the action, and one to five players. The Storyteller has their own tools for describing the player's changes, picking an archetype playset to define how the transformation works. Is it a wicked curse or a magic wish? Does it run in the blood or was it injected through a vein? Each playset provides different options for the Storyteller and a new experience for players.
Additional rules include support for more intimate two-player sessions or longer campaigns, guides for adding gender change elements to your stories, and performing end-of-session tarot readings to narrate how the characters live with their altered selves.

The Team and the Book

The book will be over 100 pages, with multiple adventure scenarios by Duck and Ewen/TFTaxonomist (Co-writer and author of the TF novel I'm Not an Evil Sorceress), exploring transformations into gothic vampires, deep-sea mercreatures, forgotten aliens, collegiate racehorses, and other beyond-human forms. 
Additional adventures from guest writers include:
Stargazersasha (Creator of acclaimed indie game the girlfriend of my girlfriend is my friend!!) with an urban fantasy werewolf murder mystery. 
And Lilith Bloodmoon with a carnival tale of weird magic and apprentice witches.
Editing and formatting work by HKTK/Byleth

The 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot are captured in unique illustrations by lead artist Mel Echavarria, available in physical card form, or full art inside the book and PDF.

The book's cover art is completed by Winter Skye, providing additional interior illustrations along with Bilexth. Above and below are samples of some of their work that will be featured in the book, with lots more to come.

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Risks and challenges

This is not Duck and Mel's first TTRPG publishing endeavor, having previously successfully funded and developed Cuticorium, a microcosm insectile adventure game on Kickstarter. Gamefound has offered itself as a more creator friendly crowdfunding platform that does not engage with cryptocurrency, so To Change and our future projects will use Gamefound.

Refunds and cancellation

Shipping and distribution for To Change is provided by Indie Press Revolution (IPR). Printing is done through Mixam. It is expected that shipping costs may vary by region and address. All digitally delivered products have no shipping costs.  

US $3.50
Canada & Mexico $21
UK $6 - $15*
EU countries $15 - $25*
Worldwide $23 - $27
*Greatly depends on number of international backers in those regions.

The above shipping costs are rough estimates. Shipping prices have been especially volatile due to the ongoing pandemic but we are committed to making To Change accessible and affordable for anyone. If you live in the Global South and shipping costs are a financial barrier for you, contact Ulysses by email at usducktape@gmail.com and we can try to work out a discount.

Refunds are available on a case by case basis. Contact Ulysses by email at usducktape@gmail.com or IPR through their Contact page. IPR has a great track record of resolving any shipping or refund disputes for our pervious book, and we look forward to working with them again for this project.