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The Young Board Gamer Scratch Poster by Top Scratch Top Scratch
A Scratch Poster with the best games for Young Board Gamers

Project story

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game components
We have decided to create this poster using crowdfunding because since this is a product for kids, there is a lot of testing and certification required.
With your help, we can make this poster a reality and bring much joy to kids around the world.

Here is a preview of our Top 100 Board Games Poster (licensed by BGG), to demonstrate the quality of our products:



Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Risks and challenges

As this is our sixth scratch poster (including collaborations with Dice Tower and Spilbræt), there will be no problems with setting up the production. But there could be production delays due to the holidays season.

Certification will take approximately 6 weeks to complete, including sample delivery to the Certified Laboratory and many tests that have to be concluded.

We will always keep you updated on the current progress.

Project Timeline

The estimated timeline for delivery is May 2022.

The timeline of the project is as following:
Crowdfunding campaign - 4 weeks
Pledge manager - 4 weeks
Production stage - 5 weeks
Certification stage - 6 weeks
Shipping - 1-3 weeks

Shipping costs

For Europe and the UK:
1 poster: 6 EUR
2 posters: 11.5 EUR
3 posters: 16.5 EUR

For the USA and Canada:
1 poster: 6.5 EUR
2 posters: 12.5 EUR
3 posters: 17.5 EUR

For the rest of the World:
1 poster: 8.8 EUR
2 posters: 18.5 EUR
3 posters: 24 EUR

Refunds and cancellation

We accept refunds. You can contact us within 60 days since your poster has been sent and send back the poster.
Cancellations are accepted before the poster has been sent.