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13HUNTERS by Tony From Plus One Tony From Plus One
A compendium of 13 renowned bounty hunters from across the orbspace, ready for hire or to hunt the characters of your tabletop roleplaying game.

Project story

13HUNTERS is a zine compendium of 13 renowned bounty hunters from across the orbspace. Inside, you'll find system and setting-agnostic dossiers filled with all the attributes, art, vignettes, and tables you need to drop these terrifying creatures into your sci-fi or fantasy roleplaying game.

Sleep with one eye open. Or two.

Better yet, just don't fall asleep for the rest of your life, because you're relentlessly pursued by...

  • THE LOCKSMITH, ethereal sovereign of bindings, doors, keys, and double-joints.
  • THE NAMEGAARD, excommunicated faerie lord bound to do the bidding of all who know its truename.
  • THE WHIRLIGIG, slinking, shifting terror-in-the-dunes.

...and 10 other flesh-creeping soldiers of fortune.

In addition to the zine formats, check below for sticker packs, posters, and other 13HUNTERS game materials and merch that you can add to your pledge!

If we hit the illustrious $13,000 mark, a new addon will be added: The Locksmith's Menagerie!

This trifold, 8.5" x 11" pamphlet dungeon features the Locksmith, imp sovereign of shackles, and his personal zoo: a sprawling subterranean compound with dozens of critters captured from across the orbspace. Will you and your compatriots be able to escape the labyrinthine halls of the menagerie? Or will you be consigned to captivity forevermore?



Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

The Team

nuclearobelisk has run three successful tabletop roleplaying crowdfunding campaigns and was published by Exalted Funeral in 2021. You can check out their other work via the links here. They're the artist, designer, and writer behind 13HUNTERS'

Tony Vasinda is Chief Alchemist at Plus One Exp. Multiclassing in Beard Alchemy, Game Design & the Bardic College of Content Creation you can find him at PlusOneExp.com and on social media at @plusoneexp. Tony is handling marketing and promotion for 13HUNTERS.

Sam Sorensen is a game designer and metaphysical wood chipper who will be reducing 13HUNTERS to a fine pulp, and then, in bold defiance of entropy itself, pasting it all back together again. He is on Twitter @HeadoftheGoat.

Airwaves & Media

Keep pace with the 13HUNTERS hype train! Check out some more praise for the zine:

We got to run 13HUNTERS on the PlusOneExp Twitch channel on Saturday 2/12 at 2PM EST!

Then, stay tuned to this page for new interviews, content drops, media buzz, and more throughout the campaign!

What is Zine Month?

This tabletop zine is part of #ZIMO 2022.

Dozens of indie creators making awesome tabletop roleplaying content are in need of your attention to bring their incredible projects to life this February!

If you're interested in what else is out there this month, please check out the official landing page for all ZIMO content here.

You can contact me over Twitter almost any time @nuclearobelisk, and keep up to day on the latest ZIMO news, community workshops, new projects like this one, and more if you visit the ZIMO 2022 Discord Community by clicking here.

Risks and challenges

This is an exceptional February for zines which comes with a host of structural uncertainties. Use #ZIMO on Twitter, spread the word about the new order, and we’ll make this work.

Along with that, there’s always the unforeseen: shipping and printing disruptions, illness, and the like. Rain or shine, you as a backer will be apprised of the state of the project at regular intervals.

Refunds and cancellation

Gamefound collects payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign. During the campaign, you're able to modify or cancel your order freely.

If you need a refund after the campaign we will do our best to accommodate you; this goes for significant issues with the physical items you receive as well! Don't hesitate to reach out.

Shipping & Handling

All prices show are before shipping, VAT, and other regional taxes are applied. All these items will be handled in the Gamefound post campaign pledge manager. Global costs of shipping are in massive flux right now. We will do our best to get the best shipping price for all customers while fulfilling all tax obligations.