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Lobotomy 2: Manhunt by Titan Forge
A fully cooperative survival horror asylum crawler! Embrace your Madness! Huge Campaign ★ Tons of Minis ★ Unique Theme ★ Horror Monsters ★ Memorable Characters ★ Campaign + Sandbox ★ Upgradable Gear ★ Inferno Expansion ★ Escape the Lobotomy! Follow today!

Project story

1 - 5
Play time
2 h
14 +

Lobotomy is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler. Players become patients trying to escape from a mental asylum. All is set in a climactic survival horror theme. The game includes a story campaign and a Daily Nightmare mode with unlimited replayability. The characters do not remember who they are so they fill the blanks with random references from movies, books, comics, and TV. As theirs insanity grows, so does their power. But is it all real? Or is it just in your head?

This asylum crawler has everything the players loved in the original Lobotomy with the addition of streamlined rules that minimize the downtime and maximize the fun!
7 reaSINS to get the Inferno expansion

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  • WRATH: Bring gory destruction using the dedicated Inferno weapon set.
  • PRIDE: Be among the elite who completed the full Lobotomy adventure.

During the fantastic campaign, we have managed to unlock a whole bunch of additional content.
Even more SGs can be unlocked during the pledge manager!

Join the journey into the twisted mind and become a late backer today!



Core Game Content

Inferno Expansion Content

Criminally Insane Character Expansion Content

Gameplay Overview

Choose a patient and begin your adventure
In each scenario, there will be different objectives but the main goal remains the same. To escape the Manhunt and avoid the Lobotomy. Each character has a different specialization depending on their statistics and disorders. However, what makes them truly unique are their Innate Abilities. In order to unleash them, you will have to build up your Insanity. 

Don't lose your way entirely, as each character also has a Personal Quest. Finishing it unlocks their maximal potential. Once you flip the card to the other side, you will play as your 'INSANE!' version with a significant boost to statistics and abilities.
Arm yourself with anything you can find
By using your Imagination, you will be able to envision useful weapons and equipment laying around dusty lockers. Collect them and trade with your group so that everyone is prepared for incoming challenges. 

At times, you will see the possessions you hold as what they truly are - just Junk. Do not lose all hope yet. The Junk will provide an excellent upgrading material. With multiple ways to be improved, each item has the potential to save your life.
Get ready for horror encounters
Is it a regular hospital staff and security or are they monsters trying to get you? You cannot risk finding out. After all patients perform their turns, the game will take its course to ruin their plans. The monsters will move, spawn, and attack on their own.

Basic Monsters are the most common, different Elite Monsters will be joining up depending on the scenario, and if you ever encounter Bosses, make sure you are truly prepared. It's not an easy task, as if you gather too much attention for too long, the monster cards will flip to the other 'ENRAGED!' side.
Use the madness to your adavantege
Each patient is admitted to the hospital with a different set of disorders. These are the random additional skills they will be able to utilize, different in each game. 

Aggression provides offensive abilities, Anxiety Neurosis grants bonuses to defense and fleeing, OCD is responsible for extra collecting and movement, and Schizophrenia grants a wide variety of big effects.

The Disorders do not require characters to spend Insanity. But their effects can only be used in predetermined time intervals. Juggling between using your weapons, abilities, and disorders, while avoiding the monsters and finishing the objectives will be the key to escape. Good luck to those who need it.

Watch and Learn

We have asked a bunch of reviewers to take the first look at what Lobotomy has to offer. In this section, you can see for yourself how the game will look on your table and get an in-depth rundown of rules, mechanics, and impressions.

HowToPlayGames Unboxing Video
Please note that the content of the prototype was created using different techniques than those used in mass production. However, all miniature models and art will be included in the game.

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Lobotomy Gameplay - How to Play Games

Jazza Ward - How was it made? Behind the Scenes


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