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Project overview

The Dream. A sector-wide broadcast event featuring death, gore, and everything in between. Players run through room after room of corporate branded murder. The prize? Any wish you desire within the major four corporations power to grant. 

“We give you every opportunity to get through The Dreamyou can purchase every tool and we even give you the power of cloning technology to give you your best shot at turning your life around!"
The unofficial mascot of The Dream, the Acid-Spitting Spider-Goat Hybrid

The four corporate sponsors, Starpoly Strategic, The Toil & Trouble Collective, Sineto Chem Solutions, and JEXIFLEBRO Capital all outwardly work together to guarantee the prize wish but are privately playing their own game, in hopes of getting their own wish from The Dream's mysterious founder, Cornelia.

What's in the Module?
  • Over 35 pages of a satirical & deadly competition. Die several times thanks to cloning technology! Compatible with Mothership 1e!
  •  Over 20 Deadly Traps as part of The Dream or to plop into your own game
  • 20 Sponsored Rebrands adding modular effects to each area, some beneficial and some detrimental
  • 4 Corporate Sponsors, their representatives, and what they want from The Dream and its founder Cornelia
  • A backdrop of the city of Salnati on the planet Dalmorus VIII, where the games are hosted and the salt mines and resentments run deep

Creative Team
  • Tim- Writing/Design Twitter
  • Matthew K- Copy Editing/Developmental Editing/Proofreading Twitter
  • Bordercholly- Art Twitter
  • Spencer Campbell- Writing Twitter
  • Micah Anderson- Layout Twitter

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