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Taverns & Dragons (Canceled) by Lord Raccoon Games Lord Raccoon Games
Gather magic mushrooms and dragon eggs in the cursed forests to prepare a feast fit for the king! 🔥 Taverns & Dragons is a dice placement and worker movement game for 2-5 players.

Project story

2 - 5
Play time
60 min
10 +

What's in the box?


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Exclusive Goblin expansion

Free mini-expansions included

Languages & Translations

How to play?

If you want more details about the gameplay, please download the rulebook below (still in work in progress).

After the campaign, translated PDF of the rulebook will be available for free for our Dutch, German and Spanish backers - and will be done by professional translators.

Previews & Videos

Why back now?


Shipping will be collected after the campaign ends, directly on Gamefound.

We guarantee friendly shipping to US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and some countries in Asia - that mean you won't be hit with customs or import tax. For our European backers, VAT is included and you will not have to pay anything other than the shipping costs. To ensure a smooth delivery experience, we will partner with trustworthy fulfillment centers and we're subsidizing a portion of the cost of shipping the game to you.

The list given below is a fair estimate of what you may expect, but may be subject to slight variations.

If your country is not listed above, we may not be able to ship to your location. Please contact us for more information or for an estimate.

Meet the team

Risks and challenges

Taverns & Dragons is our second crowdfunding campaign. Our first game, The Last Bottle of Rum, was funded, produced (with the highest level of attention) and delivered to all our backers in less than 10 months. We hope to make this 2nd campaign as smooth and stress-free as possible for you, our backers. However, as the last year has shown, it is not possible to predict what will happen tomorrow, especially a global pandemic or freight issues. What we can assure you is that we are confident and willing to do everything we can to overcome the challenges ahead to deliver a game that you will love. Also, we will be transparent and open so you're aware of any unforeseen situations that may arise, during the production or the fulfillment.

Please note this is not a pre-order, and the final product may be subject to changes and improvements from what is shown on that Gamefound page.

Our estimated delivery date is October 2022. While this is a realistic goal and we will make every effort to meet this schedule, please be aware that delays are possible for many reasons beyond our control.

Thank you for beliving in us.
Lord Raccoon

Refunds and cancellation

Gamefound will only collect your payment at the end of the campaign, so you may freely modify or cancel your pledge until that point.

All pledges can be refunded - less processing fees - up until the closing date of the pledge manager.

If you receive the game and any component is damaged or missing, contact us, we will be happy to send replacements.