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Field of Screams by The WitchBorn
A cooperative tabletop RPG for 2-6 players where speaking might get you killed!

Project overview

Enter the Dark Fantasy

The Serin Downs were once known for scarecrow guardians, frightening away birds, elk, and other nibblers. This scarecrow throws back its head, screeching an alarm—

—and you realize even the scarecrows are WitchBorn now!

Escape the Field of Screams™, then unearth a lost Dwarven kingdom in Seven Sleeping Kings™. This expansive dungeon-crawl introduces Children of the Moon™, mutated wolves ferociously guarding their hunting grounds from intruders with their innate magick.  

Both adventures are included in your Field of Screams preorder! Expand on the campaign begun with The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition™. Unique web apps tell ever-changing stories so you can revisit the adventures over and over. Play cooperatively with up to 6 players—or go solo.

It’s time to take your world back from The WitchBorn!
Retailers contact Cory@WitchBorn.com for ordering information

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