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Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails by The Noble Artist
The dysfunctional dungeon crawling adventure card game.
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Deluxe Bundle

Deluxe Bundle

A more luxurious version of the core game with added components. (including all stretch goals).

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The core game includes:
  • five races and five classes (including stretch goal: added race and class, 5th player)
  • 180 cards (including stretch goal: additional 34 cards)
  • 6 neoprene play mats (including stretch goal: upgraded from card mats)
  • 2 D20 dice
  • tokens
  • 2 quick reference sheets (stretch goal)
  • full colour manual (including thank you bonus: added campaign rules)
  • 10 campaign cards (secret thank you bonus for campaign)

You'll also receive the deluxe features:
  • six class themed dice
  • 35 metal coins
  • Kickstarter exclusive Snoozehaven map tablecloth
  • Kickstarter Exclusive adult colouring book
  • Deluxe exclusive plastic insert
Deluxe exclusive gold foiled box sleeve