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Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails by The Noble Artist
The dysfunctional dungeon crawling adventure card game.
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Mega bundle: Snoozehaven Treasure Chest

A bumper pack of content including the missing things we couldn't quite unlock! Paladin, Bard, Half-Elf, Snake Pit and both boosters!

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To make things easy for those who want to experience all of Snoozehaven's characters and monsters, I've created the Snoozehaven Treasure Chest. Inside you'll get two booster packs from the campaign, but also everything we left on the table during the campaign: The Race and Class we voted against, the Snake Pit and even a special request... the Bard!

The Snoozehaven Treasure Chest includes:
  • Hobgoblins & Bandits booster pack
  • Monstrous Heroes booster pack
  • New character class: Paladin
  • New character class: Bard
  • New character race: Half-Elf
  • Snake Pit dungeon pack