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Monstrous Races Booster pack

Monstrous Races Booster pack

18 news cards to add to the game, allowing for players to create monstrous heroes and add even more replayability to the game!

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18 cards that add 3 new races to the game! This means more diversity when creating characters and more combinations, so replayability will go through the roof!

The Half-Orc
  • Empathises a little too much with the monsters and might give you a boot instead
  • Mathematically challenged - might miscount gold rewards, or might misjudge the numbers in a fight
  • Very competitive - spurred on when other heroes get lucky instead of him

The Goblin
  • Has an inferiority complex - gains bonus when in charge of the party
  • Schemer - Can manipulate played cards
  • Devious - tries to take advantage of other heroes attacks

The Ogre:
  • Hard hitting - can combine regular damage on two attack cards for a huge attack 
  • Bullies other party members when he doesn't get his share of their gold
  • Eats anything and everything- can snack on monsters

Compared to the other races and classes these guys play very differently. They aren't necessarily very good at hiding their contempt for their fellow party members either! It makes them quite reactive, and great for countering other heroes' moves!
Adding the new races to the game increases the possible number of combinations you can play by twelve, so there's going to be a lot more opportunities to find strategies you love!
The Monstrous Races booster pack is available as an add on and contains a total of 18 new cards (6 per new race).


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