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Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails by The Noble Artist
The dysfunctional dungeon crawling adventure card game.
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Hobgoblins and Bandits Booster pack

Hobgoblins and Bandits Booster pack

18 new cards to add to your Hero Master game, including new monsters, bosses and locations.

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18 new cards to add to the game including 10 new monster types and two new locations and some extra bosses. Play against enemies with new skills, learn how to counter them or exploit them against your friends!

Some extra info:

The Hobgoblin's Keep
  • A new location card: The Hobgoblin's Keep
  • Two new bosses: The Champion and the Captain
  • Hobgoblin Warriors
In the Hobgoblin's Keep you'll have to challenge the Hobgoblin Champion to gain entry. Hobgoblin Champions fight for glory and gold, so he's a pretty worthwhile target when he finally falls. Once inside, you'll have to fight the Captain and his minions to get a hold of their huge pile of gold!
The Bandit's Hideout
  • A new location card: The Bandit's Hideout
  • A new boss: The Bandit Leader
  • Bandits
In the Bandit's Hideout you'll have to watch out for ambushes at every turn! These bandits love hoarding money, so they'll likely drop a nice bit of gold (even if it is from your fellow heroes) when they are defeated!
Fantasy Favourite Monsters
  • The Mimic: Who'll trick you when taking treasure
  • The Rustcruncher: Who'll eat your treasure if you're not careful
  • Kobolds: Who'll steal your gold and hide behind their bigger friends
Bugbears: Who love gold just about as much as they love chewing on you.