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Carte Rouge by The Enigma Emporium The Enigma Emporium
A deck of lavishly-produced playing cards, concealing a carefully woven tapestry of mysterious codes, ciphers, and story.
This project does not accept any more orders at this time.

Project overview

Carte Rouge is an intricate narrative told through a deck of cards. Clues, codes, and ciphers interplay, coming together to craft an immersive mystery and puzzle experience. You'll need to mind the details, research a bit, and make use of your wit to discover everything the cards have to offer as you solve your way through the story. Nearly two years in the making, all of the artwork and puzzles have been meticulously drawn and assembled, prototyped and playtested. We'll be printing our final run with the Expert Playing Card Company, famous for their highly artistic decks with exacting attention to detail. With manufacturing well underway, we expect to ship starting early in 2020.

Feel free to take a look at our Kickstarter campaign page for further information and images!

We're thrilled to finally have the opportunity to share this project with you, and would like to take a moment to thank all our wonderful supporters, we couldn't do this without you!
We're presently in process of printing and producing Carte Rouge, with intention of fulfilment beginning as early as the turn of the year.

With that stated, it should also be noted that other items available here will ship with the decks, to save on costs all around.

If you're exceedingly eager to get your hands on some postcards and can't wait another few months, you can always check out our webstore, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more carefully curated puzzley content!

Featured products

  • Carte Rouge - Late Pledge
    An intricate and immersive puzzle experience, ensconced within a deck of playing cards.

The Full Catalog

Every Enigma Emporium game we've produced to date, with the full postcard set available at a convenient discounted rate!
  • Carte Rouge - Late Pledge
    An intricate and immersive puzzle experience, ensconced within a deck of playing cards.
  • Wish You Were Here
    Five mysterious postcards, sent to you by a master criminal.
  • Blowback - Wish You Were Here Part 2
    Continue the story of Wish You Were Here, with further cryptic communications from a familiar individual...
  • Parabola - Wish You Were Here Part 3
    Everything comes full circle...Five more postcards to finish out the story, cryptic and clever as ever.
  • The Copycat Files
    Similar to, yet different from the other postcard games. A standalone set, the most difficult yet.
  • All The Postcards!!!

    All The Postcards!!!

    $50.00 $60.00
    Twenty postcards in total, spanning across four distinctly different games.