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CRYPTIC EXPLORERS by Tempest Tome Games Tempest Tome Games
CRYPTIC EXPLORERS is an asymmetrical squad tactics and survival horror game for 2-4 players. Pillage the Realms of Death of their occult secrets! Fulfilling in 2021 post-Covid.
Alpha Return Expansion Game

Alpha Return Expansion Game

Expansion game for CRYPTIC EXPLORERS.

Product description

Includes Alpha Return Expansion Game.

Core Game sold separately.

Fulfillment Estimate: August 2020.


Expansion contains:
  • Alpha Return Box
  • Alpha Return Novella & Rulebook
  • 3 Goddess Sheets
  • 66 Goddess Cards
  • 9 Monster Sheets
  • 21 Monster Standees
  • 10 Cryptonaut Sheets
  • 10 Cryptonaut Standees