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CRYPTIC EXPLORERS by Tempest Tome Games Tempest Tome Games
CRYPTIC EXPLORERS is an asymmetrical squad tactics and survival horror game for 2-4 players. Pillage the Realms of Death of their occult secrets! Fulfilling in 2021 post-Covid.
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Project overview

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CRYPTIC EXPLORERS is an asymmetrical squad tactics and survival horror game for 2-4 players.

Step into a future where elite specialists from a ruthless mega-corporation travel beyond the veil of life and corporeality to steal the secrets of Death. Return to Earth and the living with your spoils... if you can survive the journey. 

CRYPTIC EXPLORERS is about customizationstrategy, and calculated sacrifice.

In CRYPTIC EXPLORERS 1 to 3 players command the Cryptonauts, human specialists tasked with entering the hideous otherworldly Realms of Death to steal occult knowledge and escape back to Earth. 

In order to survive, Cryptonauts will have to work together to battle monsterscollect souls, and upgrade their powerful abilities

Each Cryptonaut player customizes their own personal squad of 2-3 Cryptonauts to combat the malicious Goddesses of the Realms and their spawn. Players choose from a total of 32 Cryptonauts - each with their own unique abilitiesart, and lore.
Opposing the Cryptonauts is a single Goddess player assuming the role of 1 of 3 unique Goddesses of Death - a mighty and wicked supernatural entity that rules over the Realms. 

The Goddess player summons monsters, plays game-bending mastery effects, and empowers her dark monoliths in an attempt to kill all the Cryptonauts before they can escape with her Realm's otherworldly secrets.  

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