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Ski Tour : Biathlon by TeaTime Productions
A highly strategic racing game that requires ski(ll)s.

Project overview

Ski Tour : Biathlon brings a previously unrepresented sport to the gaming table, providing a game of skill, tactics and friendly competition. Play as one of five nations and race one a highly customizable track, providing a great experience over and over again

As a skier representing your nation, do you have the stamina and marksmanship to make it onto the podium? Wax your skies, roll your dice, strategize, hit those targets at the shooting range and be the first to cross that finish line in this heart pumping game of skill, stamina and marksmanship! 

What makes Ski Tour: Biathlon a great game?
  •  Low downtime. The game plays in two phases where all players act simultaneously in phase one and then in turn order in phase two. However you will be able to react to other players actions during phase two, even when it's not your turn.
  •  High player interaction - Your every move is of uttermost importance for the other players. How do you position yourself? How can you prosper from other players actions?
 High replay value - Each nation has small variations to the others. How can you use your nation in the best way? Furthermore the modular board lets you build a new ski course each time you play. Build it as challenging as possible or easy and quick or make it resemble a course from the world cup!

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