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Vermin 2047 - Survival Kit: A post-apocalyptic RPG in 2047 by Studio Agate Studio Agate
Vermin 2047 is the new role-playing game created by Studio Agate, the studio behind the most internationally awarded French role-playing games (Shadows of Esteren, Fateforge).

Project story

Vermin 2047 is a role-playing game of survival and cooperation set in post-apocalyptic 2047.

Players take on the roles of survivors in a world devastated by successive epidemics, riots, civil wars, and natural disasters—a world in which vermin such as insects and rats have replaced humans at the top of the food chain, but in which hope remains…

👇 📺 Discover the setting with the author in this video (english subtitles availables) 👇

Vermin 2047 uses the TOTEM system, a purpose-built system that reflects the lethality of the universe and promotes cooperation between characters.

👇 📺 Discover the system with the author in this video (english subtitles availables) 👇

The Survival Kit contains everything required to play your first scenarios in the Vermin 2047 universe:
  • Presentation of the setting,
  • Rules system,
  • Character creation,
  • 6 pregenerated characters,
  • 3 ready-to-play adventures.

The purpose of this preorder is to fund the printing of Vermin 2047’s Survival Kit.

The Survival Kit’s layout is complete, and all subscribers will get the PDF at the end of the preorder.
  1. The Survival Kit allows you to play immediately with the three ready-to-play adventures.
  2. The Survival Kit is complete, and the PDF will be delivered to subscribers upon completion of the pre-order.
  3. 🎁 Each physical preorder comes with a special “Totem pouch” stamped with the Horde totem.
  4. 🐉 If you subscribed to Creature : Netherworld, your Vermin items will be added to your Creatures delivery at no extra shipping cost!


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

The universe of Vermin 2047

The universe of Vermin 2047 is our own, or what it might become should the primeval forces of Nature—sick of pollution, despoliation, and the invasive presence of mankind—suddenly decide to get rid of a species that has long outstayed its welcome. Unlike other fictional settings in the same vein, there is no major pivotal disaster in Vermin 2047, but a series of events that have thrown civilization into chaos and ushered the dominance of plants, fauna, and other species capable of adapting to the harsh new world.

In 2047, the era of information is a thing of the past. Networks have failed, and media are no more. Cellphones are only used to take pictures and store pages from manuals, road maps, and blueprints. The closest thing to a social network is travel banter, encounters on the road, and the rare moment of peace. No one in Arizona knows what is happening in China, in Africa, on the other side of the Atlantic, or even in a neighboring state. The youngest humans are not even aware that there is something beyond the oceans. The boundaries of one’s world are rivers, forests, mountain ranges, and however far binoculars and shortwave radios can reach.
The few news one can get from nearby towns and countries are several weeks old at best, passed on by nomadic convoys and so distorted by word of mouth that it is impossible to tell truth apart from falsehood. Nothing can be trusted anymore—no information, no date, no report. Beyond what one has seen, touched, or heard oneself, everything is but a mishmash of rumors, lies, and wishful thinking…

📺 Discover the setting with the author in this video (english subtitles availables) : https://youtu.be/O-Tp0QfrwE4

The Totem system

The game’s rules are designed for beginners as well as seasoned players, with simple basic mechanics and plenty of options to adjust the game’s degree of realism and complexity. A lot of game phases rely entirely on dialogue, choices, and the players’ imagination. Characters speaking, preparing a meal, or cleaning their weapons can be resolved without rolling the dice. Often, the players will just need to describe what their characters do, where they go, or what they say for it to happen without obstruction.
However, whenever a character’s action involves chance, can conceivably fail, or has the potential to influence the events, the player rolls a number of 10-sided dice equal to the character’s score in the Trait at hand. The result of each die is then compared to the Difficulty of the action. If the result of at least one die is equal to or higher than the Difficulty, the action is successful. And the more dice roll equal to or higher than the Difficulty, the more successful the action is.
Vermin 2047 lets players pick their Game Mode and thus decide on how realistic, supernatural, and dangerous their world will be. Where some players may crave action, larger-than-life events, and titanic battles against gigantic creatures, others may favor a more mundane, mysterious, fantastic atmosphere. Why restrict oneself to a single possible playstyle when a setting is suited to many?

Survival Mode excludes any supernatural element. Some species may have undergone slight mutations, gotten bigger, or changed their diet to adapt to their new environment, but they have developed no extraordinary abilities.

Between hardcore realism and full-blown horror, Nightmare Mode adds a degree of fiction and supernaturalness to the world and its denizens. Not only have many creatures evolved and grown, some have also become predators of Man, while new generations of humans are starting to show strange mutations…

Colossal termite mounds covering entire buildings, beetles the size of a tank, telepathic rats, tribes of radioactive undead, human-insect hybrid abominations… Apocalypse Mode pulls out all the stops in regard to gigantism, horror, and mutations, turning the universe into a vast hunting ground where humans are but one type of prey among many…

📺 Discover the system with the author in this video (english subtitles availables) : https://youtu.be/Xx_eMezd8Ws

Reviews of Vermin 2047

“An artfully depicted world that suitably calls upon the players’ collective imagination […] A true success.”
Rôliste TV

“Yes! A big, enthusiastic YES! […] I missed out on the first edition of the game, but I won’t miss the 2047 one.”
Le Fix

“It is rare for a game to show such cohesion between its message and its mechanics. A far cry from a generic system with a post-apocalyptic coat of paint, the Totem system designed by the author works wonderfully.”
Jeu de rôle Magazine

“The attention given to the design, which is splendid, does not detract from the dirty, post-apocalyptic setting that the game depicts so well.”
Unification France

“Vermin 2047 will call upon your ability to survive and cooperate, and portrays an awareness of current-day ecological issues through entertainment and fun” Guerre & Plomb

The Vermin 2047 series

The Survival Kit features everything needed to play Vermin 2047. Contents include an overview of the universe, the basic rules, descriptions of the various Game Modes, a party of six pregenerated characters, three adventures by Julien Blondel, one of the most acclaimed French authors, rules appendices, and tips on portraying encounters, fights, and groups of creatures.
The six premade characters provided to play the Survival Kit’s adventures all have their prefilled sheet printed on paperboard. All you need is a few D10s and pencils to get started!
Vermin 2047 comes with a game screen that covers all the information and rules that are prone to coming up during a game session.

The Vermin 2047 screen is a three-panel landscape-format game screen made of stiff cardboard.
The Vermin system features the use of dice of different colors to represente the influence of the Totems and the characters' evolution. Each dice set contains : 
  • 6 Vermin dice, stamped with the Totem logo on side 10;
  • 3 dice representing the influence of the Human Totem;
  • 3 dice representing the influence of the Adapted Totem.
  • The dice set is delivered in a cloth bag.

Set of 3 exclusive Vermin 2047 artprints. Art by Philippe Jozelon, Simon Vansteenwinckle and Aurelien Police.

🎁 A special gift

Each physical preorder comes with a special “Totem pouch” stamped with the Horde totem.
In order to emulate the inner struggle between Totems and the “instinctive” aspect of your characters' reactions, you can use the optional Bag rule: Instead of Totem Dice being placed in front of each player as per the normal rules, each player keeps them in a small pouch, box, or bag, from which they can draw Dice blind when they want to use them.

With this gift, you can use this rule and make the most of the subtleties of the Totem system 🙂

Pre order

Our studio has already covered the costs of Vermin 2047’s development.

The Survival Kit’s layout is complete, and all subscribers will get the PDF at the end of the preorder.
The proceeds of this Gamefound preorder will be used to print the Survival Kit and all the accessories (such as the screen and character sheets).

The Vermin 2047 Team

JULIEN BLONDEL: Julien Blondel is an author, scenarist, and game designer. A former techno DJ, he wrote his first pieces for the Casus Belli magazine in 1994, and quickly became one of the figureheads of French role-playing. Known by players for Prophecy (2001), Vermin (game of the year 2005 on Grog), Wakfu TCG (2010), and The Metabarons (2002) alongside Alejandro Jodorowski, he has been involved in the creation of hundreds of projects and scenarios for role-playing games, the press, video games, and comics, including the Elric series by Michael Moorcock. Currently an audiovisual scenarist, he teaches Narrative Design at Paris’s ISART and is working on an adaptation of The Hour of the Dragon, the iconic novel by Robert E. Howard in Conan’s universe. He is also working on Vanikoro, a great saga of historic adventure he is co-writing with Xavier Gens.

VERMIN 2047’S ART: The art is the work of Aleksi Briclot, Josselin Grange, Philippe Jozelon, Simon Vansteenwinckel, and Yvan "Gawain" Villeneuve (Fateforge, Shadows of Esteren)

STUDIO AGATE: Agate is a creative studio specialized in imaginary worlds. We are the team behind the French role-playing games with the most awards internationally (Shadows of EsterenFateforge), and we also translate series into French (7th SeaBrancaloniaVampire: The RequiemDemon: The Descent). The project of a new edition of Vermin began in 2011. Vermin 2047 is an original role-playing game designed side by side with Julien Blondel, and we support its creation and development with our expertise and know-how in artistic direction and game design.

Legal notice

A game by Julien Blondel
© Studio Agate, 2021
TOTEM System
Julien Blondel
© Studio Agate, 2021
All rights reserved

Risks and challenges

Take note that you are subscribing to a preorder, which is different from a direct purchase on an online shop. Some parts of this project are still works in progress and may be delayed. Announced dates are estimates. However, rest assured that our team is fully committed to completing this project and delivering it to you in its best form. In return for their early support, subscribers have access to advantageous prices and exclusive bonuses.

If you are interested in this project but have doubts concerning its viability, we would recommend purchasing it upon its retail release. But if you decide to subscribe to this campaign, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and will do our utmost to be worthy of your trust :)

Refunds and cancellation

All refunds are made via Paypal. 

However, please note that:
- 10% of your pledge’s amount will be deducted when issuing the refund. This corresponds to the commission fee, as this is money we didn’t get.
- An extra $10 will also be deducted to account for The Survival Kit's PDF.