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Glory: A Game of Knights by Strategos Games Strategos Games
GLORY mixes jousting with worker placement. Become a medieval knight who fights for glory and for the affection of beautiful ladies.

Project overview

Glory: A Game of Knights is a game in which you assume the role of a knight fighting for glory in the tournaments of 15th century Europe. Players have two types of tournaments to choose from - it's up to you whether you fight against each other or only against the most famous knights of the era like Jacques de Lalaing or Zawisza the Black. 

3 Modes of play:
  • The "Joust à plaisance" is a direct confrontation between players. (PvP)
  • The "Pas d'armes" is a battle versus the non player knights within the game. (PvE)
  • The solo mode is for a unique one-player game experience. (Solo)

Key Features:
  • A unique take on worker placement where players can build a character and compete with the game and other players.
  • Variable player characteristics and unique supporters, quests to fulfill, and titles to acquire provide a big amount of depth and replayability.
  • A highly interactive experience in PvP mode and a more calculated experience in PvE.
  • Multiple paths to victory by duelling in tournaments and acquiring titles.
  • Solo play mode with many goals to achieve.
  • 25 stretch goals added in two crowdfunding campaigns (Kickstarter and Zagramw.to).
  • Over 400 components: cards, dice, wooden tokens and many more!
  • Crowdfunding-limited component: turn-order marker.
  • Metal coins as component improvement.
  • Illustrations based on historical sources.
  • Historical knights as your opponents.
  • English, German, French and Polish versions available

For more details or reviews about the game please visit our KS page:

Pledge Levels

Buy the game that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2019
  • Retail version preorder

    Retail version preorder

    $65.00 $75.00
    Get retail version of Glory with all stretch goals ulocked during crowdfunding campaign.


Additional content for improving your game
  • Set of coins

    Set of coins

    A set of metal coins for replacing the coin tokens in the game . You may order it even without the game.
  • Brass phase marker
    Get a solid brass phase marker!