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Bloodcrown by Stormcrest
Join the aristocracy with Bloodcrown, a new cyberpunk medieval expansion from Master of Wills, a game of influence and manipulation.
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.

Project overview

Welcome to the Pledge Manager for our Master of Wills Bloodcrown campaign!

Thank you to our Kickstarter supporters for bringing this project to life - we are excited to deliver this next expansion by May 2020.

Please check out the project page on Kickstarter for more information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stormcrest/bloodcrown

Kickstarter Reward Tiers

  • Bloodcrown Recruit*
    KS Recruit package
  • Bloodcrown Loyalist*
    KS Loyalist package
  • Bloodcrown Ally*
    KS Ally package
  • Bloodcrown Knight*
    KS Knight package
  • Bloodcrown Queen*
    KS Queen package
  • Bloodcrown King*
    KS King package

Base Game

  • 1st Edition base game
    Master of Wills is a competitive 2-4 player game that pits Factions against each other while players manipulate and influence the Community to join their side in an ultimate battle of futuristic tug-o-war.

Product Add-ons

  • Pirate Lab backpack
    Produced by Pirate Lab, in the U.S., this backpack will hold ALL Master of Wills products, including currently-planned expansions.
  • Rollable play mat
    High-quality, large playmat rollable to fit anywhere!
  • Queen t-shirt

    Queen t-shirt

    Choose size
  • King t-shirt

    King t-shirt

    Choose size
  • Overlord t-shirt
    Choose size
  • Knight t-shirt
    Choose Size
  • Alphaguard t-shirt
    Choose Size
  • Razorcorp t-shirt
    Choose size
  • Shadowcell t-shirt
    Choose size
  • Dawnlight t-shirt
    Choose size
  • Razorcorp Cookies t-shirt
    Choose size
  • Bloodcrown Faction expansion
    Bloodcrown faction expansion
  • Master of Wills- Flush Sleeves (50)
    Custom-fit sleeves for MOW cards
  • Art Prints

    Art Prints

    11x14 high quality art print
  • Overlord- Game Variant
    An exciting game variant where the control of your fate no longer resides in your hands.
  • Bloodcrown Neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Bloodcrown
  • Core Faction expansion
    Early access through this Kickstarter campaign ONLY. This set adds 52 new cards to the Core factions: Alphaguard, Razorcorp, Dawnlight, and Shadowcell.
  • Volante- Master of Wills vest
    Exclusive Bloodcrown after-image vest produced by Volante Design.
  • Dawnlight Faction expansion
    Dawnlight faction expansion
  • Shadowcell Faction expansion
    Shadowcell faction expansion
  • Edgehunter Faction Expansion
    Edgehunter faction expansion
  • Cloudecho Faction Expansion
    Cloudecho faction expansion
  • Dawnlight Neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Dawnlight
  • Shadowcell Neutral Pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Shadowcell
  • Alphaguard neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Alphaguard
  • Razorcorp neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Razorcorp
  • Edgehunter neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Edgehunter
  • Cloudecho neutral pack
    Fringe war neutral pack expansion for Cloudecho
  • MOWbile Device Stand
    Choose faction logo