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Resident Evil 3: The Board Game by Steamforged Games
True survival horror returns to the tabletop in this spine-tingling campaign game that will have you sleeping with the lights on...
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.
Raccoon City Kickstarter Tiles

Raccoon City Kickstarter Tiles

Still making your escape? You may have further to run than you thought...

Product description

...because there's more ground to cover with the Raccoon City Kickstarter Tiles!

This add-on includes 20 NEW game tiles featuring remastered artwork of Raccoon City and the Raccoon City Police Department.

They're designed to give you different options when choosing which tiles to use for a scenario, and are compatible with all REBG. For a sneak peek at the tile artwork, and to learn more about the design, click here.

Remember: if you’re a returning Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game backer, you’ll get a set of Raccoon City Kickstarter Tiles free. Just make sure your Kickstarter account has the same email address you used to back RE2tBG!

To find out why the tiles are free for RE2tBG backers, click here.