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Resident Evil 3: The Board Game by Steamforged Games
True survival horror returns to the tabletop in this spine-tingling campaign game that will have you sleeping with the lights on...
City of Ruin Expansion

City of Ruin Expansion

The City of Ruin expansion includes nine new scenarios to expand your campaign. That’s over 11 hours of extra gameplay!

Product description

In the City of Ruin expansion, you'll find:

• 1 Nemesis Stage Three miniature
• 1 Grave Digger Adult miniature
• 2 Hunter β miniatures
• 2 Hunter γ miniatures
• 8 Sliding Worm miniatures
• 6 Game tiles
• 76 Cards
• 29 Tokens
• 9 Scenarios
• Kickstarter exclusive box art

Scared? You should be. Find out more about City of Ruin.