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Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea by Steamforged Games Steamforged Games
Explore the magic of the Faraway Sea in this wondrous 5E RPG campaign setting including an illustrated campaign guide, new playable species, and finely sculpted animal minis 🌊
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Project overview

Hey there, Animal Adventurers! Welcome to the pledge manager for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea.

If you backed the Kickstarter campaign or picked up a late pledge on the Steamforged website, this is the place to confirm your chosen pledge level and choose any add-ons (or extra pledges). 

Not yet pledged? You can still get your hands on all the awesome Faraway Sea content, including Kickstarter exclusives, by late pledging right here in the pledge manager.

No extra duties or taxes! There won't be any extra duties or taxes charged in this pledge manager.

Don’t delay — the Faraway Sea awaits! Once you've completed your pledge, you can sit back and look forward to exploring this incredible new world with brand new playable animal species, highly detailed miniatures, rich locations, and all the story hooks and Faraway Sea RPG paraphernalia you need to bring your Animal Adventures to life...

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