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VENOM Assault: Villain's & Valor by SpyGlass Game SpyGlass Game
VENOM Assault is a Deck builder with dice based combat. An Homage to the 80's cartoons and action heroes.
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Villains & Valor Expansion*
Villains & Valor Expansion*

Villains & Valor Expansion*


Product description

You must have the base game of VENOM Assault to use this expansion. This purpse of this expansion is to enhance the cooperative gameplay by allowing players to use cards out of turn. Now you can choose to save that card for yourself or help a struggling friend out. Medals offer each player mini-missions to accomplish in the game to earn and use them.

Three new missions bring new mechanics to the game as well and will change how you play. The new events will let you combine them with the ones from the base game to create a unique Event Deck each game. Are you ready to take on VENOM?

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