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VENOM Assault: Villain's & Valor by SpyGlass Game SpyGlass Game
VENOM Assault is a Deck builder with dice based combat. An Homage to the 80's cartoons and action heroes.
The project is currently open for backers with credits. You can't add anything to your pledge because you don't have any.

Project overview

 VENOM Assault is an 80's cartoon-inspired, cooperative deck builder with dice-based combat mechanics for 1-5 players, ages 14  and up. You and your fellow tacticians will lead Freedom Squadron by recruiting the best and brightest soldiers to join your team. Your multinational force has one purpose: Defeat VENOM before they unleash havoc upon the world. The original launch in 2016 was met with great success and has sold out. Now we are re-releasing a new print run with an all-new expansion: Villains & Valor!

If this is your first time joining the battle, then take a look at what VENOM Assault has to offer.


Missed the Kickstarter? No need to worry you can pre-order VENOM Assault, its expansion and the Neoprene mat right here.