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Project overview

 VENOM Assault is an 80's cartoon-inspired, cooperative deck builder with dice-based combat mechanics for 1-5 players, ages 14  and up. You and your fellow tacticians will lead Freedom Squadron by recruiting the best and brightest soldiers to join your team. Your multinational force has one purpose: Defeat VENOM before they unleash havoc upon the world. The original launch in 2016 was met with great success and has sold out. Now we are re-releasing a new print run with an all-new expansion: Villains & Valor!

If this is your first time joining the battle, then take a look at what VENOM Assault has to offer.


Missed the Kickstarter? No need to worry you can pre-order VENOM Assault, its expansion and the Neoprene mat right here.
  • VENOM Assault Base Game*
  • Neoprene Mat*

    Neoprene Mat*

  • Bundle: Base game + Expansion*
  • Villains & Valor Expansion*


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