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Oranienburger Kanal by Spielworxx Spielworxx
Oranienburger Kanal by Uwe Rosenberg is a brand-new dual-language game (English and German) and also includes a solo version! This is the newest "Uwe magic!"

Project story

1 - 2
Play time
60 min
12 +
resource management
two player
Oranienburger Kanal is an exciting new game by renowned designer Uwe Rosenberg for 1 or 2 players. Using mechanics from beloved games like Ora & Labora and Le Havre but with tighter gameplay and simpler rules, it is the next evolution in this series.
In Oranienburger Kanal you plan and build new industrial areas. Using the innovative resource wheel and an expandable deck of building cards, you will raise structures and shape the infrastructure. You raise paths, build roads, lay track, and gradually excavate parts of the canal so you can build bridges that connect the infrastructure and race to become the most prestigious developer in the region.

Introduction Video (English)

Introduction Video (German)


About the Author

Uwe Rosenberg is a true giant in tabletop game design.
Among many other games, he designed Bohnanza, Agricola, Le Havre, At the Gates of Loyang, Ora et Labora, Glass Road, Caverna, Patchwork, Fields of Arle, A Feast for Odin, Cottage Garden, and Hallertau.

Uwe is well known for the development of innovative card game mechanisms. Another main point of his work are the research-intensive games that often have peculiar historical events as their theme.

What makes Oranienburger Kanal special

  • Very tight; each individual action counts
  • Excellent variety and replayability due the expandable card decks
  • Beloved resource wheel mechanism from Glass Road and Ora & Labora
  • Purpose built for low player counts, great with 2 or try the solo game!

Oranienburger Kanal will be dual language; player aids and rulebooks are printed in both English and German.
Note: There are lots of slicker, more polished campaigns that spend a lot of money on excellent videos. Spielworxx has focused its energy on the game itself. We hope you appreciate this.

How to Play

You play 7 nail-biting game rounds in Oranienburger Kanal. In each round, first you conduct an action phase, and then finish the round by taking care of some preparations for the next round.
During the action phase you always alternately take exactly 5 actions. Thus, the starting player of a round takes 3 actions, and the other player only 2.
After the action phase, both of you can turn your resource wheel once for free, and you conduct some preparations for the next round.
Place the stack of action discs on any one of the seven action spaces of your choice on the action board and take the action. Then, the other player does the same with the next bottommost disc. Both players continue to alternately leave the bottommost disc on an unused action space and move the shrinking stack to a different, currently empty action space of your choice.

The 7 action spaces
The action spaces offer three types of actions: raise structures, build routes and bridges, and gain materials.

You can choose between the following options:
  • Raise 1 structure and build 1 path or road.
  • Raise 1 structure. In addition: build 1 bridge (building the bridge is only possible as soon as the card stack with green structures is empty).
  • Build up to 3 paths and roads (you can build both route types, but also solely paths or roads). Alternatively: Build 1 path, 1 road, and 1 bridge (only possible as soon as the card stack with orange structures is empty).
  • Build up to any 2 routes (you can build the same or different routes). Alternatively: Raise 1 structure (only possible in the last round, as soon as the card stack with blue structures is empty).
  • Gain 4 wood.
  • Gain 3 wood, 3 clay, or 3 ore. Alternatively: Build 1 bridge.
  • Gain 4 clay.
Raise 1 Structure
When you raise a structure, choose one of the face up structures below the action board and pay all building costs as shown on the structure.

You can raise the structure on any one empty structure space of your choice on your industry board. There are no restrictions. Only when you want to activate the effect of the structure are you required to fulfill the listed conditions.

When you build a route or a bridge, pay the appropriate building costs with materials or thalers. Then, take the matching tile or a bridge from the pool next to the action board, and place it on your industry board.

Gain Materials
When you gain materials, move the matching material tokens accordingly on your supply board. Via these actions you only gain wood, clay or ore. You only gain iron and bricks via "at anytime" actions and effects of the structures.

You may score each structure twice:
  • As soon as the structure is surrounded by 4 routes. This happens immediately when you build the fourth route, or when you raise the structure on a structure space that is already surrounded by 4 routes.

  • As soon as 2 bridges connect the structure with two other adjacent structures. This happens when you build the second bridge. You do not activate an effect again when you build a third or fourth bridge at the same structure.

Solo Play

All normal rules apply to the solo game with these exceptions:
  • You only take 4 instead of 5 actions per game round.
  • 1 of the 7 action spaces is always occupied by a blocking disc and cannot be used.

You may play individual solo games or try a solo campaign if you like a bigger challenge!



Rules & More

English and German language rules and glossaries (all files are a work in progress):

Why support Spielworxx?

Spielworxx prides itself on its experience in making well developed games and we're excited to add this title to the 30+ well regarded games we have produced thus far.

This game cannot be made without your help! We are a small independent publisher; your support keeps us alive.

Spielworxx does not have a distribution network. This project is the best way to receive a copy of Oranienburger Kanal. Like all Spielworxx titles, only this first limited print run will be produced by Spielworxx. A second print run by a larger publisher is a possibility but not a guarantee and any possible reprint would not occur for at least six months after the release of this edition.

What´s inside the Box?

A4 size

A4 size

A5 size

A5 size

A5 size

A5 size

A5 size

A5 size

Cards are: 43.5 mms x 67.5 mms

Expansion Card Sets

In the tradition of Uwe's masterpiece Agricola, this game will include a number of expandable card sets which will change and add to your gaming experience.
The base game will come with two card sets (A & B) but four more sets will become available, adding endless replayability and variety to your games.
Each Expansion Set is boxed and contains 120 cards (2 sets) plus Glossaries in English and German!

Sample cards from sets C, D, E, F:

No Stretch Goals

Spielworxx does not believe in providing gimmicks to incentivize sales. We put our effort into making the best game possible and provide that game to you without exception!

Release Timing

We hope to have the game out in November/December.

However, it is very difficult to predict international shipping in the forthcoming months.

European customers may have the game in their hands 6-8 weeks before others.


Shipping is EU-Friendly, USA-friendly, and Canada-friendly!

International shipping is very expensive for a small company like Spielworxx that cannot achieve the scale necessary to earn shipping discounts. We're not thrilled that we have to charge so much just to get our games to you, but this is the economic reality we currently live in.

Edited (April 28)

I have added the following brief list. Shipping is extremely costly to these regions but you may do so.
Israel: 35 Euros
Asia: 45 Euros
South and Central America: 45 Euros

EU customers: Price does not include VAT.

There will be an option to purchase Oranienburger Kanal after the end of the campaign from a Canadian retailer/online store.

Behold Games is taking orders for Australian and New Zealand customers – due to the fluctuating exchange rate and shipping costs a firm price has not yet been locked in but if you would like to get a copy please contact Behold Games via their contact page or Facebook group.

Risks and challenges

While we do not expect delays in production or shipping, there is always a possibility that something unforeseen will happen, in which case the entire process of delivery may take longer.
Our main responsibility is to ship your order exactly as entered into the pledge manager. You are responsible for import or other applicable tax duties. By backing this project, you also accept that you are fully liable in case of providing us with incorrect shipping data. We allow a maximum of 1 delivery location per backer, regardless of the number of pledges/copies ordered.
Please note that unexpected global or local events such as the COVID-19  pandemic may change the terms we offer to residents of countries affected by such an event. However, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve any issues that may arise as a result of such an event. 
Should the global prices of shipping and transport in general rise, we may be forced to increase the price of shipping. However, should this happen we will try to find the most comfortable and reasonable solution for all backers.
 If you do not accept these terms, please reconsider backing this project.

Refunds and cancellation

You may cancel your pledge at any time. If you cancel your pledge after the campaign, there will be a 15% fee deducted from the refund to cover the various fees we are obliged to pay.
Please note that if you have not used the project’s native currency to pay for your pledge, the refund amount may be affected by the current exchange rate of the currency you used.