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Space Lion by SolisGameStudio SolisGameStudio
There are alien armies on all fronts! Take command of one of four asymmetric armies in a huge battle and deploy your units strategically and carefully. You can't possibly win all the fights on the battlefield. Choose which battles to resolve in which order but weigh in on how it may affect your units and other battles. Complexity: Medium / Players: 2 - 4 / Time: 30 - 60 mins

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
45 min
12 +
Let's Go!
Space Lion is about leveraging your units into three fronts and using your asymmetrical army’s abilities. Each army is crazy different and has its own playstyle on the battlefield. Destroy your enemy's towers and then their base to win the game. Space Lion is unique in that it's a dueling game that shines at 3 and 4 player counts. Can you take control of the chaotic center lane?
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Time: 30 - 60 mins


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

How to Play

In Space Lion, you are managing an army of 7 cards. Each round, you will decide how to use your cards. Deploy cards face-down in lanes to battle, place a card face-up on your playerboard to use a planning effect, or even purposely hold some of your cards back for the next round. Lanes are resolved in the order, chosen by the player with the Priority token. Lane resolution order is very important, so be ready for surprises. The player with the highest Strength in a lane wins, causing damage to the towers or bases of other players connected to that lane. Destroy all enemy bases to win!

What's in the box?

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Why Pledge Now

Solis Game Studio is a small Latinx family-owned business located in San Mateo, California founded in 2020. We are the creators of Pocket Paragons and the localizers of Frenemy Pastry Party. Because of our size, there is no guarantee that this game will be available after the campaign. This might be the only time you can get it!

Why are there no gameplay stretch goals?
We consider Space Lion and complete game and we want to confidently sell it as such. Any additional content we came up with we didn't feel added meaningfully to the game. We really hope you enjoy what we created! Instead, our stretch goals are about improving the physical quality of the product and extra goodies about the world of Space Lion.

Risks and challenges

Space Lion is asset complete and 98% ready for the printer. After this campaign, we should have Space Lion printing within 30 days. Shipping from the printer to our warehouse is subject to delay due to COVID-19 shipping conditions. Market shipping prices are subject to change at any time.

Refunds and cancellation

Refunds are available up to 30 days after the project concludes. After that, refunds will be at our discretion.


Shipping will be charged before your game ships to the Pledge Manager. The chart below shows estimates in the current market.