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Plant Girl Game by Sly Robot Games
Plant Girl Game is a tabletop roleplaying game about a family of plant children working together to prevent ecological disaster in their small town.

Project story

2 - 5
Play time
2 h
8 +
Plant Girl Game is a tabletop roleplaying game about a family of adventurous plant children working together to prevent an ecological disaster in their community.

You don’t have to be a girl, but you do have to be a plant. Your character’s gender is not essential to the game. In fact, the real plant girl is your mom—the kind-hearted witch who grows children in her garden.

Your mother’s garden is crowded with succulents and sometimes—when the timing is just right, when your whole family is ready—one of those succulents emerges from the garden as a human child. This is how you came to be: you climbed out of the soil, between the ages of ten and thirteen, and found your family ready to love you. 

You’re tied to the land, to the soil and the water that fed you. Any threat to your town’s ecosystem is a threat to your family’s way of life—and your town is on the brink of ecological disaster. Your family must work together to protect yourselves and your community at large.
“Bold, plucky, and full of heart — Plant Girl Game is the saturday morning cartoon you didn't know you needed, and the exciting adventure you've always deserved.”
   – Jay Dragon, creator of Wanderhome and Sleepaway

“Plant Girl Game is a charming game that focuses on family, identity, expression, and our most important relationships. What does it mean to grow? In this magical world of plant children facing an ecological disaster, the answers you create for yourself are both sincere and insightful.”
   – Rae Nedjadi, creator of Our Haunt and BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home

“Plant Girl Game is full of heart and will help you tell stories of a family facing disaster together with love and care and all the complications that family brings. Prepare to feel seen and called out in the best ways by the plant-personality archetypes, and to grow strong from your shared, tangled roots.”
  – April Kit Walsh, creator of Thirsty Sword Lesbians

“At its surface, Plant Girl Game is a joyous, delightful romp about being a plant child with your plant family. But it’s the roots of this game—the connected weave of community, purpose, and self-becoming—that make it truly blossom. This game is an extraordinary delight.”
   Shanna Germain, creator of No Thank You, Evil!



Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

About the game

Plant Girl Game is for 3-5 players and a gamemaster (GM), and can be played as a one-shot or a campaign. In a one shot, you and your fellow players pick a specific environmental issue to address in your town. In a campaign, you build relationships and resolve problems in your town over time, while continuing to follow your characters through their daily lives.

Plant Girl Game uses a mixture of moves and skill checks, guided by a play-to-find-out modality. Each player makes a character by choosing from one of nine playbooks, each representative of a different genus of succulent, then answering questions to describe their relationships to NPCs and other player characters. You might play as an agave, sweet and fearless, learning to balance your outward expression with your core personality. Or you might play as a kalanchoe, a natural leader who needs to learn when to let others make big decisions.

Want to preview the game before you decide to pledge? We released the ashcan for free on itch, and you can download it here!
Gameplay begins by working together to create your mom (who is, fundamentally, a good mom), your home (which is, fundamentally, a cozy and safe home), and your town (which is, fundamentally, a collapsing town). Players take turns answering questions in order to build a world that feels real and ready for play.

Not interested in the worldbuilding process? Don’t worry, there’s something for everything. You can pick one of the starter scenarios and skip straight to character creation!
After the worldbuilding phase, players create their characters by choosing and customizing one of the nine playbooks:
  • Aeonium
  • Agave
  • Aloe
  • Crassula
  • Echeveria
  • Haworthia
  • Kalanchoe
  • Sedum
  • Sempervivum

Each playbook includes:
  • An array of three stats (heart, mind, and body)
  • Two moves that can be used once per gameplay session, and one move that can be used at will
  • Three precursors to advancement
  • Background questions to help you determine more about your character and their relationships to their siblings
Plant Girl Game features:
  • Game design by Dominique Dickey
  • Graphic and layout design by Vee Hendro
  • Cover art and illustrations by Sarah Aziz
  • Starter scenarios by Sarah Gailey and C.L. Polk
  • Project management and developmental editing by C. J. Linton
  • Copy editing by Samson J. L. Soulsby
Plant Girl Game includes rules and worldbuilding questions, nine playbooks for easy character creation, and three starter modules for quick play.

The digital edition includes the full color, illustrated PDF of the game.

The print edition will be a 5.5" x 8.5" staple bound book with a full color cover and interior.

Pledge levels and stretch goals

Sprout – Digital (PDF) Edition of Plant Girl Game: $12
Blossom – Digital (PDF) + Print Edition of Plant Girl Game: $20
Companion Planter – Digital (PDF) + Print Edition of Plant Girl Game, plus add a Community Copy to the free-to-claim pool on itch.io: $32
Witch’s Grove – Digital (PDF) + Print Edition of Plant Girl Game, plus the chance to name an NPC in the People & Places glossary: $75 
Wildwood – Digital (PDF) + Print Edition, plus the chance to name a place in the People & Places glossary: $75

  • Tomorrow on Revelation III – discounted Digital (PDF) edition: $10
  • TRIAL – discounted Digital (PDF) edition: $5
  • Plant Girl Game Community Copy – add a free-to-claim Digital (PDF) edition to a pool on itch.io: $12
Dominique has a clear vision for Plant Girl Game, and between supply chain issues and the world writ large, for this campaign we have made the decision to focus on delivering a gorgeous, fully rendered game at our initial funding goal, rather than adding bells and whistles.

At $8000, we'll unlock additional art for the book!

Beyond that...if the game funds beyond our wildest expectations, we will share additional stretch goals.


After the campaign ends, we will be utilizing Gamefound’s pledge manager, via which backers can manage pledges and pay for shipping. We will be fulfilling the pledges ourselves once we receive the complete digital edition and print edition.

If all goes to plan:
  • Delivery will begin in December 2021 for the Digital (PDF) edition.
  • Delivery of the Print edition is anticipated in March 2023.

Shipping will be adding post-campaign in the pledge manager. We estimate that:
  • US shipping will cost ~$6 (via USPS media mail)
  • International shipping will cost ~$18 (via USPS International First Class)

For EU backers: please note that Gamefound will calculate VAT taxes at the pledge manager in addition to shipping.

The team

Dominique Dickey is a writer, editor, cultural consultant, and Nebula Award Winning RPG hooligan. In addition to creating TRIAL, a narrative courtroom tabletop roleplaying game about race in the criminal justice system, and co-creating Tomorrow on Revelation III, a tabletop roleplaying game about surviving and building community on a hyper-capitalist space station, Dominique has written for Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Dungeons & Dragons, and Sea of Legends. They work as a designer and editor at Monte Cook Games. Their fiction has appeared in Anathema Magazine and Fantasy Magazine. You can find them on Twitter @DomSDickey or at dominiquedickey.com.
C. J. Linton is a writer, editor, and dramaturg from the San Gabriel Valley.  He is the co-creator of Tomorrow on Revelation III and the creator of the trans superhero tabletop roleplaying game Those of Us Who Know Better. He has appeared on the theatre and tabletop podcast Dungeons + Drama Nerds and his nonfiction has been published in Uncanny Magazine. You can find him on itch.io and Twitter @NearFutures and more work at cjlinton.com.
Vee Hendro is a graphic designer specialising in roleplaying and board game projects, based in Sydney, Australia. She is also an award-winning game designer and publisher at Storybrewers Roleplaying, best known for Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG. Her graphic design portfolio can be found at veerpgdesigns.com. Vee is kept blooming with the steady addition of caffeine and thrives in warm, sunny conditions. Her favourite succulent is the Senecio.
Sarah Aziz is an illustrator from India. You can find her work on Twitter @qulfeeh.
Bee Zelda is a podcaster, TTRPG streamer, sensitivity consultant, and community manager for D&D Adventurers League. Bee's TTRPG writing can be found in Kobold Press and Arcon. They are a queer activist and advocate in their city in Canada. You can find their content here and you can follow them on Twitter as @Bee_Zelda.
Samson J. L. Soulsby is a writer, editor, and teacher—but, most of all, a lifelong devotee of things that go bump in the night. He lives on unceded Dharawal country in Australia, where he is currently finishing his PhD thesis on monsters and monstrosity. His poetry and fiction have recently featured in Red Room Poetry’s Admissions Anthology, the South Coast Writers Centre Legacies Anthology, and Baby Teeth Journal. You can find out more about his work on his website or check out his Twitter @sam_soulsby for sporadic bursts of haiku and tanka.
Sarah Gailey is a Hugo Award Winning and Bestselling author of speculative fiction, short stories, and essays. Their nonfiction has been published by dozens of venues internationally. Their fiction has been published in over six different languages. Their most recent novel, The Echo Wife, and first original comic book series with BOOM! Studios, Eat the Rich, are available now. You can find links to their work at sarahgailey.com and on social media at @gaileyfrey.
C. L. Polk wrote the Hugo nominated Kingston Cycle, beginning with the WFA winning novel Witchmark. Their Subjective Chaos Kind of Award-winning novel The Midnight Bargain was a Canada Reads, Nebula, Locus, Ignyte, and World Fantasy Award finalist. They drink good coffee because life is too short. They spend too much time on Twitter @clpolk. You can subscribe to their free newsletter on TinyLetter, or subscribe to their Patreon for content writing nerds like.

Risks and challenges

This is our second crowdfunding project, and our first on Gamefound. Our first project, Tomorrow on Revelation III, funded successfully and has since been delivered to all backers! Like last time, we're very fortunate to be working with a team of wonderful and experienced professionals. We’ve budgeted carefully and your pledge covers payment to the team, shipping and production costs, and associated fees.

Steps we’ve taken to guarantee fulfillment:
1. Shipping is added after. We’ve eliminated the risk that our budget won’t cover shipping costs by charging shipping later via Gamefound's pledge manager.

2. It’s just the game! As cool as it would be to create merchandise, our only physical deliverable is the book.

3. The main text of the game is finished already! All the writing for the core book is complete, with the exception of starter adventures. This content is quite minimal and has firm due dates. Following the receipt of this content, the book will undergo copyediting and layout and then be ready for print.

It's possible that editing or layout may take longer than estimated. It is also possible, with supply chain issues and paper shortages, that book printing may be delayed. If that is the case, we will communicate proactively about our new timeline.

But barring these potential problems, we expect to finish the book on time and get the digital edition in your hands by December 2022 and the print edition in your hands by the end of February 2023.

Refunds and cancellation

During the campaign, you can freely modify or cancel your pledge. Gamefound will only collect your payment if this campaign successfully funds.

After the campaign, if you would like to cancel your order, you can contact us at cj@slyrobotgames.com to cancel your pledge. We are happy to process refunds for the digital edition up until its release and for the print edition until the zine goes to print and orders are locked.

On delivery, if your physical copy is damaged, please send us a photo of the copy and we are happy to send a replacement.

Environmental commitments

Minimizing our environmental impact is important to us. These are the steps we are taking to work as sustainably as possible:

  • Sustainable materials: Our printer, Mixam, uses environmentally certified and recycled papers from sustainable sources and vegetable based inks. They recycle all waste products.
  • Sustainable distribution: Physical books will be shipped in EcoEnclose recycled bubble mailers, which are fully recyclable, 50.27% recycled content, 10% post-consumer waste, and can be reused.