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Ark: Awakening by Skyport Games Skyport Games
Explore, integrate and utilize the rooms of the vast space Ark in this engine building game with asymmetric factions and modular board.
"Sealed Section" Expansion
"Sealed Section" Expansion
"Sealed Section" Expansion

"Sealed Section" Expansion

"Sealed Section" Expansion
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Product description

After months of work, the engineers managed to break through the "Sealed Section" of the Ark. What lies behind those doors? => Neutral Factions and Side Missions and 2 New Playable Asymmetric Factions - Raghna and Qfin.

This content expansion adds 20 side mission cards and +2 playable factions.
In order to play needs the Standard Box or the Premium Box.

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Neutral Factions and Side Missions

When a player encounters a biodome belonging to a neutral faction, they will see, in secret from other players, a random objective related to that neutral faction. If the objective is fulfilled, the player receives the neutral factions unwavering allegiance and gets a huge benefit. This benefit potentially can be a different action that can be taken each turn in addition to the 7 basic actions – like changing the place of two rooms, turning off the energy in the entire Ark, blocking rooms to prevent movement, sabotaging the opponent’s weapons supply, etc. But, pursuing the objective is risky, and do you really want to jeopardize your main mission to do a side quest? What would you do?

"Sealed Section" Factions
+2 playable factions - Raghna and Qfin.