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Hard West ⏤ The Board Game by Silver Lynx Games Silver Lynx Games
A horror strategy board game settled in the old Wild West for 1-6 players. Build a unique three-dimensional town for each scenario.

Project overview

Hard West ⏤ The Board Game 🤠🌵👿

Hard West is a board game that can be enjoyed by between 1-6 players. It is a great game to play with friends and the rules make it easy to learn, but takes extraordinary skills to master.

Set in the Wild West, it is a hostile world and making allies will be far from easy. Luckily, there are rumours that there might be a few souls out there who will sympathise with your cause, but take care who you trust! You and your team of gunslingers will be involved in fierce and frequent gunfights. The world of Hard West is full of bandits, demons and other supernatural creatures.

Those of you who enjoyed Hard West on PC and console will be thrilled to spend time with friends playing Hard West ⏤ The Board Game.

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