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Orchard by Side Room Games Side Room Games
A small box solo game of harvesting fruit

Project overview

Orchard is a quick solitaire 'tile laying' game that plays in under 10 minutes. The aim of the game is to harvest fruit (score points) by playing cards so that their fruit trees overlap other trees already in the orchard that bear the same fruit. The more trees you can overlap, the more fruit you'll pick.

In addition to the 15 dice representing your increasing harvest, there are 2 tokens representing 'rotten' fruit. These allow you to lay a card that you wouldn't otherwise be able to - but come with a points forfeit. So you must decide if and when to play them.

Orchard was the big winner from the 2018 BoardGameGeek 9-Card Nanogame Print & Play Design Contest, winning multiple categories including Best Overall Game.  It was also the BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Winner for Best Print & Play Game of 2018.  Since then it has been played as a print & play game by folks all over the world. 

SHIPPING NOTE: Single copy orders of Orchard will ship directly from China. For multiple copy orders, we will do our best to ship from a local fulfillment center to avoid customs charges. If you're concerned, please contact us at orders@sideroomgames.com before ordering.