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For Northwood! by Side Room Games Side Room Games
For Northwood! is an award-winning solo precision trick-taking game. Your objective is to peacefully unify the kingdom of Northwood through conversations with their rulers. Light yet highly tactical, For Northwood! is a treat for both solo gamers and fans of trick-taking games.

Project story

Play time
20 min
12 +
Available in multiple languages - see the Licensing section for details!

For Northwood! is the award-winning (2021 BoardGameGeek 54-Card Design Contest) hand management and solo precision trick-taking game. Your objective is to peacefully unify the kingdom of Northwood through conversations with their rulers. Over eight rounds, you must visit eight animal fiefs and engage their rulers in dialogue (tricks). Each ruler's suit represents the trump for that fief. Each ruler also requires you to win an exact number of tricks to join your alliance, so the game gets harder as your options dwindle.
You start with four allies, each with an ability that you can use once per visit. These abilities can make you draw, discard, or bend all sorts of rules to help you hit the target score. Once you've won a ruler over, you can pull them in to substitute temporarily for one of your allies, if you need a more specific set of abilities to tackle the harder fiefs.

For Northwood! is light yet highly tactical - you feel smart when you win and determined to try again if you fail! With 24 rulers (12 used per game), the game offers a lot of ability combinations and a new puzzle every time.

How to Play

(Note: the graphics here are slightly different from the final version, though the game flow is the same)

Your objective in For Northwood! is to unite the titular kingdom through peaceful dialogue with their eight rulers.

The game is played over a series of fief visits. Northwood has eight fiefs, each of which has a ruler you must win over to your side. You start by drawing eight cards, and moving the arrow over the fief you want to visit. Each ruler requires a unique, exact score to be convinced to join your side (from 0 to 7), and the ruler's suit represents the trump for that fief - flowers in the case below.
Once you've chosen a fief to visit, have conversations (tricks) with that ruler (don't worry, if you're new to trick-taking, the mechanics are explained very simply in the rulebook, no prior experience necessary!).

The ruler always leads the trick, and standard trick-taking rules apply (you must follow suit if able; you score a point if you play the highest trump, or if not, a higher card of the led suit). Remember, you're trying to hit that ruler's exact target score, no more, no less.
Your most powerful tools are your four allies and their abilities. Before each trick, you can activate one ally's ability. For instance, Fox below allows you to draw two cards and discard two cards. Use abilities freely - they reset each visit, and you'll need them to win.
The visit ends when either your hand or the deck runs out. If you have the exact score needed (4 in this case), the ruler is now friendly! Slide them down and they give off a small "For Northwood!" cheer.
Reset your allies, shuffle the deck, draw eight new cards, and choose your next fief to visit. You can bring in friendly rulers to substitute for any of your allies, if you need a more specialized set of abilities. Keep this in mind while you plan your order of visits!
Continue visiting all eight fiefs, winning over the rulers and calling favors from new friends. Each fief won has a victory point value - sum them up to get your final score. Gain enough points to win the game!


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)



* Please note that some of these reviews refer to older versions of the game, though the core gameplay is the same. The retail version has...
  • Improved end-game scoring!
  • Rebalanced ruler abilities
  • Updated art
  • Rulers are also single-sided instead of double-sided for more replay value!


Shipping and any applicable taxes/VAT will be charged after the campaign is completed through the Gamefound pledge manager. 

For the English Version:
  • Each additional copy you order of For Northwood! doesn't increase the shipping cost! So if you order 1, 10, or 100 copies, the shipping charge will stay the same depending on your location.
  • For ALL BACKERS, pledges will be shipped from China either directly to you or through a local partner. This allows us to offer affordable shipping to everyone across the globe. 
  • We take advantage of Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) for customers in the EU, so any orders less than €150 (around $175) will ship with no additional VAT or customs charges.
  • Any add-ons available in the pledge manager after the campaign will provide specific details regarding their shipping. Some items may not be available in certain areas and could incur additional costs from VAT/customs fees so be aware when making your order.
For our Localized Versions:

The following prices and shipping locations available have been set by our licensing partners. If you do not see a "Rest of World" option, the locations listed are the only options available!
Due to some limitations in our pledge manager, we can't lock out specific shipping locations depending on the specific versions. So the best way we've found to handle that is to make the prices to ship to those locations EXTREMELY expensive. Now, if you're willing to pay that much to get a copy shipped to a certain areas then we'll give it a shot... :)

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It would be an honor to have For Northwood! on the shelves of retail stores! For retailers looking for the English version of the game, please contact Bridge Fulfillment for details.

Note: For Greek retailers, please contact Marilena Doukaki from Meeple On Board for details.


For our backers who are interested in other language versions of the game, we for sure will have the following options to select from in the pledge manager:

For our German & Chinese backers, our partners Schwerkraft-Verlag and Joy Town Games will have their versions of For Northwood! available after the campaign - their availability date is still to be determined.

For other publishers, if you have licensing/localization inquiries please contact Michael Raftopoulos at michael@mobvanguard.com.
If more localization options become available during or after the campaign we'll be sure to let everyone know!

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During the Gamefound Campaign, you can freely modify your pledge or cancel your order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign.

After the campaign ends, you can contact our customer support, and we can fully refund your pledge within 14 days. If you missed this period, you can still request a cancellation of your pledge, but please note that we will deduct 10% for Gamefound and payment processing fees, which we are unable to recover after 14 days. The final date for cancellation is when the Pledge Manager closes (which will be about 1-2 months before the estimated delivery date).

If you receive the game and any component is damaged / missing, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to send a replacement.

Risks and challenges

This is our tenth crowdfunding project and we have worked extremely hard to prepare ourselves for the task. We’ve learned a ton of lessons on our previous crowdfunding campaigns and we're even more prepared for this campaign. While we can’t guarantee problems won’t come up, we are confident we have done what we can to ensure things run smoothly. When it comes to the game itself, it’s ready to go! We're working to finalize all of the art and graphic design and we’ll be ready to send the files to the manufacturer shortly after the campaign funds. And, we're using the same manufacturer who has done a fantastic job on Mechanical Beast & Grove so we expect the same high quality with no major issues.

Throughout the process we will be sure to inform all of our backers on how things are going and if any issues arise.