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Elements of the Gods by Side Room Games Side Room Games
KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! Gather worshipers, build monuments and use the power of the elements in this 1-5 player area manipulation game!
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Project overview

You are a young god at the dawn of civilization, and you draw your divine power from the adoration of your worshipers. You and the other gods take turns commanding the five elements, competing to impress your fickle worshipers and influencing them to build your immense monuments and perform your sacred rituals. Outmaneuver your rivals and ride the tides of fate to become the most powerful god of all!

Elements of the Gods is a 1-5 player strategy game of territory building and area influence. Use the power of the elements to cleverly maneuver worshipers on the board to match patterns on cards in your hand. Establish your influence by building monuments, then score points by planting gardens and performing rituals at the foot of those monuments. At the end of the game you will also score points from the worshipers that you have gathered into your domain.

Elements of the Gods

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