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Classic Movie Miniatures Episode 3:Whiteout by Sally 4th Sally 4th
We love Pulp Miniature gaming, we love classic movies. We thought it would be a great idea to have a range of miniatures for gaming inspired by the iconic images of classic movies, brought to your table top in glorious crisply cast pewter! Having run two previous Kickstarters for Classic Movies, we felt it was time for the third installment, this time focusing on snow, ice and mountains. As you will see, we have three warmly clad packs of figures as well as two wonderful vehicles for them to get about in, already sculpted, cast up and ready to go. To accompany them in their adventures is a range of highly detailed models for you to make. You may very well have an idea of which game system you would use these figures and models with but take a look at 'Whiteout' the new set of rules included in this campaign. Pledges / Pre-orders ship December 2019
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.
White Out Rule Book

White Out Rule Book

Whiteout; a Solo/Co-op Game set in the Arctic wastes. Whiteout is a game of survival while trying to achieve your government’s nefarious aims. The challenge is to complete your mission while both the enemy and the environment try their very best to kill you.
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Product description

“You and your party have been contracted to carry out an extremely hazardous mission into the Arctic wastes.  You have been chosen for your specialist skills and experience but to preserve deniability you will largely be on your own.  
You can expect to be out on the ice for at least a week and there have been reports of hostiles in the area.  We will get supplies to you when we can but you cannot rely upon them.  The remains of several previous contracts may provide some resources but you will have to be careful with your stores. 
You must also be mindful that in the lonely wastes the threats are not always physical, your mental well-being is also vital to your success.  Keep your spirits high and don’t forget to stop to rest when the mission allows!
You mission briefing starts in an hour and you depart at first light.  The weather forecast is atrocious with whiteout conditions – good luck