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Blackstone Heath, the Village Folk: Part 1 by Sally 4th Sally 4th
28mm Medieval / Fantasy Villagers(metal castings) Medieval / Fantasy town and village folk in highly detailed, animated and believable poses going about there day to day lives to form a perfect backdrop for RPG and tabletop encounters.

Project overview

I have been playing miniatures and role playing games for over 40 years now. I love to immerse myself in the detail of the worlds that are created on the tabletop. The detail is important, to make the world real to provide a backdrop to your armies sweeping conquest or to populate the taverns and townscapes your heroes adventure in. I was amazed a year ago to see Evocatus’ project on Kickstarter to digitally sculpt the most animated and believable villagers that I had ever seen. I immediately feel in love with the range, but did not have a high end resin 3D printer. I thought, I bet there are a lot of other gamers like me who would love these miniatures but have not got a resin printer, or would just prefer packs of the miniatures, cast in metal, delivered ready to paint so I contacted the sculptor and agreed a collaboration to mould and cast this lovely range. This campaign is Part 1 or Blackstone Heath: Village Folk and represents about half of the village folk available. If it is popular the remainder will follow is a second campaign latter this year.

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