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ACP164: Shuttles & Spacers by Sally 4th Sally 4th
28mm Scale Aerodyne Model and miniatures in shipsuits & spacesuits.

Project overview

I love playing sci-fi miniatures game... I've been playing for over 40 years... Albedo ACP164, Stargrave, 5 Parsecs from Home, Traveler, Pulp Alley, Star Wars, Void to name but a few.  I especially love the model making and collecting side of the miniatures hobby. 
I'm really excited about being able to bring this range of characterful sculpts to my tabletop and I hope you are excited about getting them on yours. 
Sally 4th has been working for several years developing the ACP164 Sci-Fi game and range of miniatures based on the Albedo Comic strip.   However, if Anthropomorpics aren’t your thing, we are making the Aerodyne ship available by itself and the miniatures are all available with a wide range of helmeted and alien head options.  This makes them suitable for any SF tabletop game, as well as ACP164.



Zero G Hazsuit Unit


Add on Miniatures


Conversion Kits

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