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Luzon Rails by RobinDavid
Step onto the island of Luzon in this tabletop game for budding rail entrepreneurs.

Project overview

Welcome to the tropical island of Luzon! You and up to four other players are railway investors, seeking to make your fortunes developing the rail infrastructure on the biggest island in the Philippines. But things are not that straightforward! The island’s topography is difficult to work with - large mountain ranges collide with wetlands - and an already established shipping industry means that coastal cities will only be profitable to rail networks that have already established effective routes. Oh, and of course your rivals will be in your way!

Luzon Rails builds upon the traditions of the cube-rail genre while offering a variety of new twists and challenges. In Luzon Rails you can experience running a rail empire in as little as 45 minutes. Tight auctions, a variable set up, and conflicting incentives mean that every game will feel unique!

Luzon Rails