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Trudvang Adventures - For 5E by RiotMinds RiotMinds
Trudvang Adventures, a roleplaying game for 5E
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Project overview

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  • Settings companion (+PDF)
  •  Hero Companion (+PDF)
  • Character Sheets
  • Trudvang Poster Map
  •  Game Master Screen 
  •  Wurmtongue (+PDF)
  •  Ribbon bookmarks 
  • Spell sheets
  •  Wildheart (+PDF)
  • Spelldeck
  • Trudvang Novel - Oathbreaker
 A new setting for 5E! For 20 years Trudvang has been a hailed and awarded fantasy setting. In 2017 it was voted "the most anticipated game" by the ENWorld community. 

Now it is time for us to share this fantastic and unique world setting with all 5E fans out there. Trudvang Adventures is a game setting for 5E and it is inspired by norse and celto myths, mythologies and folklore with a twist towards the dark and down-to-earth. Whereas many fantasy settings take place in taverns and dungeons, Trudvang adventures is set in deep and dark forests where you will find trolls, lindwurms, grendels and old mysterious places where the elves worshipped their gods that abandoned them, or dark nests filled with treasures long lost.

Art and setting is built on classic nordic and celtic sagas such as Kalevala, Beowulf, and all Islandic and Irish oral traditions and tales such as The Ulster Cycle and Mabinogion, not to forget the great work of John Bauer and his alike.
Start your Trudvang adventures with these books designed for Trudvang setting-specific rules and guidelines to create your characters and campaigns.

So if you´re playing 5E and wish for a rich and beautiful world setting and complimentary rules, please help us support this! 
Our goal
Our goal with this campaign was to fund two core books. Setting Companion and Hero Companion. 
Setting Companion is the introduction to Trudvang, its geography, people, cultures, religions and numbers of new magical items and sacred relics. In the book you will find all the information needed to make Trudvang come alive when you are gaming with your friends. The book also holds a vast number of adventure hooks and ideas on how to run campaigns in Trudvang. The hardback book will be approximately 150-200 pages long.
Hero Companion holds all the information needed to create and play a character in Trudvang. There are numerous new character options, such as the new playable race Half-Trolls. In the book you will also find over 20 new feats, 12 new backgrounds, more than 100 new spells and all archetypes from the original game as playable classes. Play a Vitner Weaver (mage) a Dim Walker (priest), Myth Spinner (bard) or a number of Trudvang specific sub-classes.  The hardback book will be approximately 150 pages long.
Art by: Alvaro Tapia
sample pages
What is Trudvang?
What is actually Trudvang and how does it differentiate itself from other fantasy realms? The setting favors role-play and story telling and is weighted towards adventurers playing part of something bigger, rather than chasing experience points and treasures in dungeon crawl adventures (even though we like that too ;) ) Though inspired by the norse and celtic myths it is far from vikings with horned helmets. If you are familiar with the stories of the Celtic Mabinogion, Nordic Edda or Finnish Kalevala you are close to the feeling we want to ingest in our texts and art. We´ve spent almost 30 years exploring these texts and making them "our own" to create Trudvang. Stave churches, Blótkings and shamans of nature are central to our story and the adventures we produce. We dare to say, that Trudvang is like no other fantasy world out there.

Trudvang is a land of extreme wilderness and ancient tradition. Trolls lurk behind moss-covered rocks and pierce the cover of night with their yellow eyes in search of unwary travelers on the muddy Darkwood roads. Great horse masters with swords and shields thunder across the plains of Mittland upon their mighty steeds, in search of conquest that will allow them to take their place among the heroic kings of old. To the east, in the Stormlands, a hard and grizzled folk sheds blood in the name of the gods of storm and chaos. Bound by ancient customs, they seek to honor their forebears and clan in defying the untamed wilderness that they call home. To the west the Viranns sit in lofty towers of stone, seeking ancient knowledge that mankind thought lost forever, while in the south the elves seek to understand why their gods once left them in their time of greatest need. Under mountain, rock, and stone, the sons of soot hammer away at their anvils by the roaring logi furnaces in the underbelly of the world. And to the farthest north there is only the Great Ice Plains, a place so cold and dark that it is said that none can remain alive there longer than they can remain awake.
Play an Illmalaina elf - Seed of Vanirs (By: Daniel Zrom)

It is perfectly ok to play with any 5E compatible class or race even in the Trudvang setting. However, to make it even more immersive we have made a number of Trudvang specific races and classes that you can play. Because remember, a Trudvang hero is something very special. Some make pacts with gods, others are borned on the battlefield or have learned to weave the great magic that surrounds everything, living or dead, large or small, even the world it self.
In the Hero companion book you will be able to choose from a number of races and classes (including special feats and abilities for each category) such as the dark Korpikalla elves, or the star-gazing Illmalaina elves, celto-inspired Mittlanders or the fierce and strong Stormlanders that sacrifice to the great god of storms. Explore the large trollkin Zvorda dwarves or the mysterious Buratja dwarves that worship their furnaces like they were gods. Play a number of classes like the Vitner Weavers using magic, the story telling Skalds, a.k.a Myth-Spinners or Storm maidens, holy warrior women of Gerbanis (one of the main religions in Trudvang).

The world of Trudvang have many interesting an unique heroes and villains and a vast selection of Trudvang-only monsters and beasts. So, jump in and explore the world and the setting further. Our future plans include a complete Monster compendium as well as a number of major campaigns, including Snowsaga and Irontounge. If we are lucky we will bring you the much awarded and hailed adventure Wildheart even in this round (one of the stretch-goals below).
Sample layout
Future plans! Campaigns and Companions (Covers By: Paul Bonner)
Use of funds and delivery
Much of the artwork exist and texts are already written, however there is a need for some updated artwork as well as new texts to be written and edited. Also, we need to adjust the current system to 5E and also for layout and printing. Funds will be used for all this.
Troll by Alvaro Tapia

Delivery date for Kickstarter campaigns is never a science. However we try to keep the estimated time frame as good as possible.  We aim at a delivery to all backers by beginning of 2021, but there are always risks of delay due to editing, printing, shipping etc. Sometimes we make changes to the product that is not mentioned here, or we decide to chance something we promised to something else. Please have trust in us that we do our best to give you as a backer the best product.
Smell it, taste it, fight it! Do you want to get a feeling of the Trudvang setting and how it works with 5E. Download a Quick-Try here!
"It is said that the lindwurm Fangshake is the brood of the great Othwehügg and that Fangshake was born in a dark and wet burrow filled with bones and skulls from many heroes. The people in Heorhall have worshipped the lindwurm for more than 160 years and the myth about the great serpent has spread across the country. But now, it´s about to change. Fangshake has started to kill and it´s a time for heroes to stop him."
Please notice, this is not a start-adventure to get to know the Basic Rules but require some experience to play already. Characters start at Level 3. Rules presented in this adventure is subject to change.
Art by: Daniel Zrom

Art, Art, Art
Even since we started we set the bar high. Art and design has always been a very important component to us. Not sure how many artists that we have rejected throughout the years because we felt that they didn´t really captured the Trudvang-feeling. However, two of the artists that have been forging and designing the world together with us, even from the start, is Alvaro Tapia and Paul Bonner. Alvaro with his truly unique skill with the pen, carving out poses and designs that is unchallenged and Paul with his masterpiece covers so rich and fabulous in details and colors that he keep stunning us every day. We´ve also have had the great pleasure to work with artists such as Per Sjögren, Larry McDougal, Justin Gerard, and lately, the heir to any Trudvang throne, Daniel Zrom. Together we have composed the Trudvang masterpiece!
Art by: Alvaro Tapia

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