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Arms & Influence by Richards Brothers Creative Richards Brothers Creative
Four-player political strategy card game where leaders use technology, policy, military, and diplomacy to advance their society to victory.
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Project overview

The world is at a pivotal point in its history. New leaders will rise to power. Social structures will be shaken in the wake of a new world order. Build a society from the ground up, create strong political factions, and elect the leader that brings you closer to your vision for the world's future.

Will you dominate through military strength? Or will you pursue an enlightened society with equality for all? Will your nation aim for technological dominance with science and production? or will you simply defeat your enemies through espionage and intrigue? Visit www.armsandinfluence.com for more details.

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  • $75+ = Two copies of the game + T-shirt
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If you have any issue at all, please email us at: team@richardsbros.biz

Arms & Influence