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Unmatched: Storage and Accessories by Restoration Games Restoration Games
A meticulously engineered storage system for your Unmatched collection: modular, customizable, portable, and sturdy. Along with some cool promo cards, sleeves, art prints, and more.

Project story

game components
two player
In 2019, we unleashed Unmatched, and it was an immediate hit. Three years later, there are over a million hero decks out in the world. The question we always get asked: When are you doing a storage system? (After "When are you going to make a deck for [insert your favorite hero here]?" of course.) The answer is NOW! We're excited to offer the Unmatched Storage Solution (along with a number of other goodies for all of you Unmatched fans).

About This Campaign

This is not your typical campaign. You might say it's ... Unmatched. We have many different items available and we know folks will be interested in all sorts of different combinations of those things. Some folks will be mostly interested in storage, some in the accessories. Some will want to go "all in", and some will just want to try them out. So we designed this campaign to be as flexible as possible to accommodate as many people as possible.

We only have one pledge level (Get In The Game), and it's $0. Anyone who is interested in getting anything will back at this pledge level. All of the actual items are treated as "add-ons". After you select the pledge level, you can add all of the items you want and select your options, such as specific designs and colors. Unlike our other campaigns, there are no stretch goals. But we do have something fun to reveal in the middle of the campaign.

Boost Cube

The core of the storage system is the Boost Cube. Each box comfortably stores one Unmatched hero, along with all of their components (or two heroes in most cases if you're just looking to maximize space). The transparent lid lets you see the beautiful components in the Boost Cube for easy hero identification and the forward-oriented display lets you choose a signature card to show off. Adjustable dividers offer flexibility for all sorts of use cases.
[NOTE: The Boost Cube will not hold the T-Rex. She cannot be caged!]

Battle Box

This stylish box secures up to 12 Boost Cubes (which means you could get up to 24 heroes in a single Box!) Display the sleek Iconic cover or energetic Kaleidoscope cover art on your shelf or turn it to display face-out, so you can show off all the great card art. Up to 3 gameboards rest comfortably on top of or below the Boost Cubes just like a regular board game.

Go Bag

Perfect for a quick game night, the Go Bag is designed specifically for Unmatched and holds up to 9 Boost Cubes. The zippered front panel provides easy access to your Boost Cubes, and thick padding cushions them for the ride. The secure padded sleeve holds up to three battlefield boards and there are two side pockets: one zippered for personal items, the other to secure your water bottle -- HYDRATE!
(Estimated Dimensions: 11" x 13.4" x 5.5" - final production measurements may vary slightly. Our bags are custom designed and produced in cooperation with Top Shelf Fun, industry leaders in custom game bags.)

Brawl Bag

Our large-sized bag holds 4 Battle Boxes -- so large it can't fit through secret passages. The Brawl Bag is great for conventions, tournaments, a marathon game day, or just impressing your friends. The zippered front panel opens fully to provide easy access to your Battle Boxes and the secure, padded pocket stores all your boards. Padded backpack straps and walls help keep everything safe and comfortable when you carry it.
(Estimated Dimensions: 13.5" x 13.5" x 22" - final production measurements may vary slightly. Our bags are custom designed and produced in cooperation with Top Shelf Fun, industry leaders in custom game bags.)

Alternate Art Promo Card Pack

Your favorite Unmatched artists doing new versions of cards from other sets. Check out Oliver's take on Dracula. Medusa reimagined by the incomparable Heather Vaughan. And over a dozen more! This is a limited print run -- these cards will never be reprinted.

Unmatched Sleeves

Protect your cards in style! Available in a variety of colors and designs, these sleeves feature our signature half-printed/half-transparent backs to create unique patterns that showcases the wonderful card backs. Each pack comes with 40 printed sleeves (enough to sleeve any hero... with a few to spare in case of battle wounds). Matte backs, glossy fronts that maximize both visibility and shuffle feel. Tough 100mil material ensures durability.

Neoprene Battlefield mats

Two double-sided mats, featuring four of our most popular battlefields: Sarpedon, Baskerville Manor, Soho, and Hanging Gardens. Printed on 1.5mm thick neoprene (the perfect balance between quality and smooth rolling) with stitched edging, these mats will hold up for battle after battle. You can remove a row of Boost Cubes and store them rolled up in a Battle Box or store them separately.

Art Print Pack

Six stunning pieces on heavy, 8" x 10" cardstock, featuring some of our best cover pieces and those amazing card backs. Suitable for framing.
NOW includes an extra art print of the upcoming Houdini vs. The Genie set. 

Contest Coin

At 50mm in diameter and 3mm thick, this is a heavy, metal coin with a dark wash to bring out the details. Developed in consultation with tournament players/organizers, the Contest Coin includes game notations you can use to designate player order, mulligan/keep, and more. Style and function!

How To Pledge

After choosing the "Get in the Game" reward, hit the "Confirm" button. Then, click the "continue browsing" link to add items to your pledge. As you add each Add-On, use "continue browsing" to add more items, or click the "Submit Pledge" button when you are done.

For Battle Boxes and Unmatched Sleeves, choose the style and colors you want in the Add-On window. Make sure to click on the OPTION button (see below) to select the style you want for each item. You may need to click on it multiple times to continue separating items if you're adding multiples. Click on the dropdown menu next to each item to select which style you want of that quantity. When you're done selecting the styles for all your items, click CONFIRM.

The OPTION button is circled in red in the example below. In this example Alice wants the Battle Box (4-pack) and would like to order 2 in the Iconic style and 2 in the Kaleidoscope style. She clicks the OPTION button twice and selects the Kaleidoscope style from the pulldown menu.




We will not charge shipping (or VAT) until after the campaign is over. To calculate your estimated shipping charge, take the "base shipping" amount and add the "incremental shipping" amount for each item you are adding to your order.
(Note: These are estimated shipping charges that may vary slightly when shipping is added after the campaign is over. If you are only ordering some of the smaller items, you might find it more economical to combine your order with someone else, as shipping charges are principally driven by package volume.)

Risks and challenges

This is our fourth crowdfunding campaign, but it is our first one that's not actually for a game. We have included accessories in our other campaigns, so we're confident we can fulfill this on schedule. It's also our first time on Gamefound, so it may take us a little longer to navigate and respond when new issues arise.

Refunds and cancellation

You can cancel for a full refund at any time prior to the end of the campaign. After the campaign ends but before shipping starts, you can cancel your order for a 75% refund, which reflects the amounts taken by the various service providers and the additional expense we will incur in shipping the items you ordered to our warehouse for alternate use. We cannot promise a refund after shipping starts but will consider on a case-by-case basis.