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Penny Dreadfun: The Great London Adventure by Redi Games Redi Games
A brand new deckbuilding adventure game set in alternate Victorian England with a little touch of steampunk and Cthulhu mythos!

Project overview

Penny Dreadfun Second Edition: The Great London Adventure will take you to the year 1888, to Victorian England, full of occultism, British humour, and more or less historical characters.

Queen Victoria disappeared. Armed with a sword, two axes, throwing knives, and a pistol, she jumped out of the Buckingham’s Palace window, straight into the darkness of the night. 

The rumours say that the queen was bored and decided to conquer a new colony – Hell itself. There must be something going on because London is getting quite… hot. And there are more and more infernal hounds around and no one to clean after them. And more infernal chasms… and portals… Whew!

It sounds like a true adventure!

In this deck-building adventure game, you play as one of many unusual heroes, who - driven by various motives - set off to explore London, which is becoming more and more taken over by forces of hell. Find the source of this calamity and save the world!