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Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies by Red Raven Games Red Raven Games
San Francisco, 1937. Your cargo plane flies through a portal in the sky, transporting you to a rugged landscape filled with bizarre creatures, scheming gods, and untold dangers. But can you find your way back before the portal closes? Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies is a standalone sequel set in the world of Sleeping Gods. Adventure through a vast land as you read branching storylines, experiencing a thrilling tale that hinges on your choices.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
600 min
13 +



Distant Skies Details


Distant Skies takes place eight years after the events of the first game, and the world of Sleeping Gods has changed in dramatic ways thanks to the journeys of Captain Sofi Odessa and her crew. Delve deep into this new story to uncover secrets, learn about your characters, and guide them to one of many possible endings!

Sleeping Gods Details

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Risks and challenges

Red Raven Games began in 2011 when I launched my first crowdfunding campaign for a game called Empires of the Void. Since then, Red Raven has successfully created and delivered rewards for 17 campaigns.

Manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment has changed a lot in recent years. Even with the high price of shipping and dealing with an increasingly complex global freight situation, we were able to deliver our most recent game, Now or Never, to backers all over the world in Q1 2022.

While there may be delays in shipping, we'll work very hard to make sure we deliver your rewards as quickly as possible. While in the past it was practical to deliver rewards to all backers at around the same time, we can not promise this in the current freight situation. Please keep this in mind as you consider backing this project. We appreciate your understanding.

Refunds and cancellation

Refunds will be available until the pledge manager closes. Failure to complete the pledge manager before the closure date may delay or result in forfeiture of your pledge rewards.

The Team

A small but devoted team is working on this game!

Ryan Laukat: game designer and developer, illustrator, graphic designer, writer, world and lore creation, creative director, publisher

Malorie Laukat: writer, editor, game developer, soundtrack composer, creative consultant, project manager

Brenna Asplund: writer, proofreader, game developer, creative consultant, community manager, shipping manager

On this project, we are happy to have the help of sculptor Francesco Orrù who created all of the sculpts for the game.