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Sunnygeeks 1.5 - Modular Gaming Table by Rathskellers Rathskellers
Putting the excitement & fun back into tabletop gaming, the Sunnygeeks table by Rathskellers is back, this time on Gamefound, with updated Functionality & new options. Designed from the ground up to offer affordable quality without compromise. The latest in innovative gaming design. A truly modular magnetic table, perfect for all types of gaming while still acting as a modern dining table. From strategy classics, epic-tier fantasy RPGs, social evenings & everything in between. Robust, Gorgeous & crammed with functionality. The next level in our long-standing track record for delivery. Wrapping all the premium skill of our team into a table designed for everyone without sacrificing that elite feel.

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Putting the excitement & fun back into tabletop gaming, the Sunnygeeks table is designed from the ground up to offer affordable quality without compromise

The latest in innovative gaming design. A truly modular magnetic table, perfect for all types of gaming while still acting as a modern dining table. 

From strategy classics, epic-tier fantasy RPGs, social evenings & everything in-between.

Robust, Gorgeous & crammed with functionality. The next level in our long-standing track record for delivery. Wrapping all the premium skills of our team into a table designed for everyone without sacrificing that elite feel.

Unlocked so far! (Stretch Goals)

Why Back Us Now?

Design Choices

Engineered using Rathskellers Tri-Blend!

A selection of aircraft-graded Birch Plywood (AA superior quality), in cross graining to provide dimensional stability all over the table surface, reduce warping and eliminate expansion & shrinkage due to weather conditions. Maple & Beech hardwoods (for looks, strength, and graining details), & pressed metal for stability, strength, and consistency across all directions. Our Water-based, two-part catalyzed conversion varnish applied to the wood and stain ensures durability and results in smooth surfaces.

The Sunnygeeks is available in:

  • 2 easily swappable leg designs: Angled Wood or Straight Metal (you can even get both to change styles in the future) 
  • 3 wood colors: Maple, Cherry or Walnut (unlocked via stretch goals)
  • 2 metal colors: Noir Dark or White (unlocked via stretch goals)

What They Say!

What Makes It Special

From the double-side game cellar, water resistant dining  toppers, modular accessories, innovative & modular stackable drawers system, dedicated RPG DM station & up to 12 color & material combos available on launch, check out below to find out what makes the Sunnygeeks Modular table by Rathskellers so special.
Each Drawer snaps easily to either side of the game cellar, making it effortless to expand or refine your play area depending on the game setup and player count.
Water-resistant dining toppers are protecting your games from the elements and spillages above, so you can enjoy that epic meal you've prepared worry-free and pick up where you left off. 
Store all the water-resistant Dining Toppers beneath the table (including the GM station HQ & Trench Patrols) with our unique storage system. Engineered with an angled curve, so that you can change between dining & gaming without worrying about hitting your legs while sitting. Making it effortless having your table adapt to your needs.
All of the table drawers are stackable for easy storage and display. You can even use them as storage compartments for your dice, meeples, components, miniatures, painting materials, or even sewing kits on your gaming shelves.
Modular & Adaptive. One Drawer to rule them all. The only table allowing you to swap accessories with ease, changing its layout depending on the game, desired functionality & number of players. Each of our toppers snaps into the magnetic drawers, making your table unique & future-proof.
Whether you’re a verbose bard, a min-maxing dungeon crawler, or something in-between, the Sunnygeeks table is designed to let Game Masters tell tales their own way, and players experience epic campaigns.

By having a dedicated Advanced GM Station HQ (for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any of your favorite RPGs) and player stations for each member of the party, your table will act as a shared space of communal storytelling
A truly innovative piece of furniture that will become a staple in your everyday life and will perfectly complement your Sunnygeeks table.  Don’t be fooled by its size, as the uses of the Modular Table Companion are limitless!  
On brand with our modular Sunnygeeks table, the Modular Table Companion is completely well.. modular! By combining as many Modular Table Companions as you like, you can create your own stylish Sunnygeeks library to hold your board games, books, accessories, and anything in between! 

But that’s not all! It has special spots for Sunnygeeks toppers on top, and can even fit the Storage Box, making it easy to store and transfer all your Sunnygeeks accessories, especially using the Modular Table Companion’s built-in wheels.  

And for those that are looking for even more GM power... it functions perfectly as a GM/DM Side Desk! Place your books, hide your (sinister) plans, and level up your RPG experience. 

Combine 2 Odysseus to have them act as a GM/DM side Desk, or combine up to 5 to have them act as Storage & Gaming Shelves.
The Sunnygeeks' new Seamless LED lighting system is the ideal companion to all your board games. You can fully control it from the palm of your hand via WiFi, fully integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), and set the tone exactly as you want it.

These are no ordinary LED lights either, with every LED light of the strip being able to individually light up with different colors and hues. This also gives the freedom to the Sunnygeeks LED Lighting System to react to sound and music!

Give flair to all Blue VS Red battles, light up the fires of the Dungeon below, and have the stars show the way to your next intergalactic adventure. You can even set it to various animated modes, to truly bring the motion and action of your games to your table. The only limit is your imagination.

How This Campaign Works

  • Tables will ship in waves, so the earlier you get on board, the faster you'll get your table.
  • In order to lock into a production wave, pledge the minimum (1199€ for the Medium table - 1459€ for the Large table) to secure a spot in the queue.
  • Keep in mind that after you choose your reward you can adjust your pledge at any time during the campaign, mainly to help out with Stretch Goals. Just click on the "Manage Pledge" button and update the total to include your extras, accessories, and desired specs.
  • You'll be saving money & getting exclusive add-ons and stretch goals.

Shipping & transparency 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🌐

  • Medium Table: We'll start shipping tables in February 2023
  • Large Table: We'll start shipping in February 2023

Our current workshop capacity is approximately 70 tables per month. This is subject to increase based on the demand of this Gamefound campaign (hiring more staff & getting new machinery)

Base Pricing

Modular Toppers


Color Combinations

Essential Add-ons

From splitting your game cellar into 2 or even 3 parts to save a game, store that 2000piece puzzle, or simply eat and repeat, to the storage options for the dining toppers beneath your table and boxes for your drawer's toppers, check out below on how to enhance your gaming life even more.


NEW : Free Upgrades Exclusive to Gamefound !

The Orion Chairs will now match your table's Metal & Polymer Color for Back, Arms & Legs (BLACK/WHITE) & all the orion chairs are now stackable!

Advanced GM/DM Station Headquarters

If you are a long-standing role-player, the SunnyGeeks table is built with you in mind.

The modular design includes options to control and change your DM’s playground, giving them a dedicated screen, a spot to display materials, and nameplates to track world locations. A range of modular extras that let each player customize their space are also available as add-ons.

Of course, there are the elements that are intangible.

Using the SunnyGeeks lets you realize your fantasy world with markers and names and ensure that the table is configured as you need. With a magnetic backing, your DM screen can help keep track of plot points. The double dice tower (a gamefound exclusive gift) provides another element of theatricality to your play – with our nameplates doubling as a ‘stage door’ to let your most fearsome miniatures come out to play.

Whether you’re a verbose bard, a min-maxing dungeon crawler, or something in between – the SunnyGeeks table is designed to let you tell tall tales your own way.

This can help create a shared space for communal storytelling. Or a foreboding fortress where you take on the DM. Or if you want to switch up your session you can add mixed media, messaging secrets, and more. We have you covered.

How To Use Gamefound


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About Rewards, Production and Shipping Estimates

  • Tables will ship in waves.
  • First come first served basis based on your Gamefound backer number.
  • Pre-backers would be served first on their queue line.
  • We'll start shipping tables February 2023.
  • Current workshop production capacity is 85 tables per month (this may increase depending on the success of the campaign - new machinery, hiring more staff).
  • All tables are dining ready (include Water Resistant Dining Toppers)

About Gamefound & Funds Processing

  • Prices of some Add-ons you see on the campaign page, may change (reduced) via Stretch Goals, Bundles getting unlocked and etc.
  • If for example you pledge for 4 Curvy Sunnygeeks 1.0 Chair (NO ARMS) (249€ x 4 = 996€) and a bundle gets unlocked making each chair cost less, then your available funds will still be 996€ via the pledge manager so you will be able and spend the extra on accessories, towards shipping and etc.
  • As a general rule, just pledge the amount you see on the page for the cost of each accessory and any discounts will be available as funds under your account during the pledge manager phase.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Gamefound Bundles (Exclusive Savings)

In-Depth Video (From the Sunnygeeks 1.0)

In case you missed the video from our 1st campaign on kickstarter :

Timeline & Shipping Information

Video Reviews


Sunnygeeks 1.0 Owners Feedback

Photo Gallery

Risks and challenges

While every Crowdfunding project involves a degree of risk, we are highly confident about our ability to manufacture and ship Sunnygeeks tables to all our supporters with minimal disruption.

Through Rathskellers, we have been in business since 1958 and started creating gaming tables 8 years ago thanks to the personal passions of the individuals currently running the company.

Thanos, Paschalis and Stergios.

These three and our in-house team have worked tirelessly to design and market previous models that our clients have loved. Earning endorsements from The Dice Tower, Man VS Meeple, MCDM, Game Boy Geek, Hunter & Cron, World of Anvil, and many more.

Our passion for gaming and for our awesome community drives us to try our best to keep our prices as low as possible, whilst ensuring that all our backers will be able to receive their tables safely within the delivery window.

As we possess the in-house infrastructure to build and ship these items & secured cash reserves for this project, we are confident that we will be able to meet even the most successful drive head-on.

However, we are aware that there are many factors outside our control that may lead to delays, particularly when we consider issues around covid-19. In the event of complications we will always be transparent with our communication and inform those affected ahead of time.

Our Helpdesk is available 24/7 via email : info@sunnygeeks.com
by phone (office hours CET) +30 2310 604 260 / +30 2310 434 811

Sunnygeeks is a Rathskellers subsidiary company registered and operating under European Laws, based in Ethnikis Antistaseos 143, 55134, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece. TAX number VAT: 801779511

Who We Are

Rathskellers is a family-run furniture business that believes gaming is best enjoyed with good friends and a great table. Founded in 2013 by the two Milios brothers, Thanos and Paschalis, as an extension of a family-owned furniture business that is now in its third generation.
Specializing in the production of hand-crafted furniture and products, we have passed on years of professional experience to help create a selection of gaming tables that exceed the expectations of those playing on them.

With our previous Councilor, Phalanx, and Hive models, we have a track record of excellence and delivering quality that lasts and looks fantastic in any space. However, we received several questions from clients who were looking for a more affordable alternative to our existing range. After years of research and planning, we ended up producing the Sunnygeeks - an affordable and aesthetically suitable option for the most discerning of players.

We take pride in our hard-earned reputation and are delighted to see such interest in our models. We hope you reach out and let us know your thoughts and back us today, so we can keep on doing what we love and find an audience to build a relationship within the years ahead.

Spending our summer vacations playing Space Crusade & Heroquest while still aiming for that boom shakalaka in our dusty NBA JAM snes cartridge!

You can trust us, WE’RE FAMILY. 

Refunds and cancellation

Due to the nature of the manufacturing (custom heirloom tables), we need to plan our production ahead, order raw materials and ensure a smooth and fair queue system for all of our backers. Please pledge only if you are 100% sure you want a gaming table from Rathskellers.

Refunds :

  1. During the crowdfunding campaign, you can cancel your order at any time for a full refund.  Gamefound charges your credit card only at the end of a successfully funded campaign. 
  2. After that, you can request a refund for your order at any time. If your request is after the campaign but before we close the pledge manager, you will receive 90% of your pledge (10% is the fee we're paying Gamefound & Payment Processor companies)
  3. When we lock the pledge manager, but before we begin fulfillment, you will receive 50% of your pledge.
  4. Once fulfillment begins for your zone, no refunds are possible.

Environmental Commitments

Reusability & Recyclability
Our packaging is from Cardboard and Styrofoam which are recyclable and durable.

Sustainable Materials
All of our woods are from certified sustainable companies. Plywood AA grade birch (imported from Italy) & solid woods (Maple & Beech) (depending on the time of the season imported from France, Slovenia, and Croatia).

Stain & Varnishing
We use water-based coatings for our products that respect the planet and with a socially responsible production cycle, which is a significant and distinctive factor in the chemical industry, where oil derivatives are dominant.

Environmentally Friendly Factories
Our Workshop is based in Thessaloniki, Greece, and operates under European Law. We are an eco-friendly and reduced waste wood company (we use almost 80% of all our leftover wood, for heating our premises)

Sustainable Distribution
Our main fulfillment partner are DHL Express and FedEx/TNT. They operate under the GoGreen program, and our shipping already includes carbon decrease and environmental surcharges.