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Sunnygeeks 1.5 - Modular Gaming Table by Rathskellers Rathskellers
Putting the excitement & fun back into tabletop gaming, the Sunnygeeks table by Rathskellers is back, this time on Gamefound, with updated Functionality & new options. Designed from the ground up to offer affordable quality without compromise. The latest in innovative gaming design. A truly modular magnetic table, perfect for all types of gaming while still acting as a modern dining table. From strategy classics, epic-tier fantasy RPGs, social evenings & everything in between. Robust, Gorgeous & crammed with functionality. The next level in our long-standing track record for delivery. Wrapping all the premium skill of our team into a table designed for everyone without sacrificing that elite feel.


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About Rewards, Production and Shipping Estimates

  • Tables will ship in waves.
  • First come first served basis based on your Gamefound backer number.
  • Pre-backers would be served first on their queue line.
  • We'll start shipping tables February 2023.
  • Current workshop production capacity is 85 tables per month (this may increase depending on the success of the campaign - new machinery, hiring more staff).
  • All tables are dining ready (include Water Resistant Dining Toppers)

About Gamefound & Funds Processing

  • Prices of some Add-ons you see on the campaign page, may change (reduced) via Stretch Goals, Bundles getting unlocked and etc.
  • If for example you pledge for 4 Curvy Sunnygeeks 1.0 Chair (NO ARMS) (249€ x 4 = 996€) and a bundle gets unlocked making each chair cost less, then your available funds will still be 996€ via the pledge manager so you will be able and spend the extra on accessories, towards shipping and etc.
  • As a general rule, just pledge the amount you see on the page for the cost of each accessory and any discounts will be available as funds under your account during the pledge manager phase.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)