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Damask by Radical 8 Games Radical 8 Games
Spin silk and mount beautiful patterns in this beautiful game by Barbara Burfoot. 1-4 players compete to be the best silk weaver by matching Damasks to gain coin and impress the fashion tastes of the Weavers' Guild. An ingenious spinning wheel determines which silk you can gather, as well as the actions of other players, who can help or hinder by sharing their thread. Damask is a beautiful original family game full of hidden depth.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
60 min
set collection

In Damask, players play as master weavers, each attempting to weave the best silk patterns. The player who weaves the best collection of damasks wins!

European traders first encountered the Chinese silk patterns in the city of Damascus, and gave them the name 'Damask'. We have worked hard to represent the style and beauty of those patterns in Damask, a clever yet easily accessible game. Our unique components, such as the spinning wheel, don't just look amazing on the table, but also enable interesting choices which make for an original and fun game. Damask is easy to learn, but still has deep decisions resulting from the clever intertwining of its mechanics.

Damask has funded on Gamefound, and we have now opened up the pledge manager for anybody who wants to make a late pledge. If you are interested in how the game plays, please watch the run-through video below:




Kimberley from Rahdo Runs Through has given some fantastic Final Thoughts here- please give it a watch as they perfectly encapsulate what Damask is all about:

We're also massively pleased that Mark from The Dice Tower has done a preview for us, check it out here:

Next we've got a great review from Just Let Terrence Explain It (who has also been kind enough to do a 'how to play' as well!)

Next we have a fantastic written preview from Favourite Foe, check out her preview here, and I've posted an extract below:

TantrumHouse have the game and given their breakdown here:

We've just got an incredibly positive review from hetspelletjeskoppel here on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc-wlKqKJJe/ in both Dutch and English!

Finally we got another great review from The Friendly Boardgamer here: https://thefriendlyboardgamer.wordpress.com/2022/05/31/template-d4-d-i-c-e-review-3/



Our basic timeline is as follows:
  • June-August- Manufacturing
  • September- November- Shipping to fulfillment centres
  • December-February- Deliver the games
This timeline has enough time for any contingencies which might occur during these steps.

One thing we pride ourselves on is communicating any challenges or suprises to our backers. We will make sure you know exactly what the status of delivery is, right up until it arrives at your door.

Refunds and cancellation

Please contact us if you change your mind and would like a refund. Refunds will be issued minus any Gamefound fee. Please note, once the game has been dispatched to you from our fulfillment centres we will no longer be able to issue refunds.