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Damask by Radical 8 Games Radical 8 Games
Spin silk and mount beautiful patterns in this beautiful game by Barbara Burfoot. 1-4 players compete to be the best silk weaver by matching Damasks to gain coin and impress the fashion tastes of the Weavers' Guild. An ingenious spinning wheel determines which silk you can gather, as well as the actions of other players, who can help or hinder by sharing their thread. Damask is a beautiful original family game full of hidden depth.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
60 min
set collection
In Damask, players play as master weavers, each attempting to weave the best silk patterns. The player who weaves the best collection of damasks wins!

European traders first encountered the Chinese silk patterns in the city of Damascus, and gave them the name 'Damask'. We have worked hard to represent the style and beauty of those patterns in Damask, a clever yet easily accessible game. Our unique components, such as the spinning wheel, don't just look amazing on the table, but also enable interesting choices which make for an original and fun game. Damask is easy to learn, but still has deep decisions resulting from the clever intertwining of its mechanics. It's been fully playtested and is completely print-ready, to the extent that we can begin the manufacturing process as soon as we've hit our funding goal!

How To Play

For the full rules please check out our rulebook here: Damask Rules or we have been fortunate enough to have a Kimberley from Rahdo Runs Through do a run through here:

In Damask the goal for each player is to make the most money. Money is made by mounting completed Damask patterns which match previously mounted patterns. Players achieve this by choosing Damasks they think they can complete, collecting silk and taking unused silk from other players.

On a player's turn they must do one of the following actions:
  Take a Damask from the centre, up to a maximum of 3.
  Take cubes from the spinning wheel, starting at any point, and stopping when they have two of the same colour.

They can then choose to do one of these actions:

  Take all of one colour from another player's overstock, with that player receiving a favour as compensation.

  Mount a completed Damask.

Mounting matching Damasks gain money, but fashionable Damasks gain favours from the Weavers' Guild, the custodians of fashion. These favours have multiple uses, and players who can make the most of them will surely gain an edge.

With only 4 main actions, Damask is a simple game to pick up and play, but the choices that stem from these actions is what makes it such a fun game. When choosing a Damask, players might consider what cubes are available, what they're opponents are going for, what's in fashion, and what they're matching, or patterns and colours they're missing. Choosing cubes is a really tactile experience, but the mechanics behind the spinning wheel- begin anywhere and take cubes until you have two of the same colour- result in a really tactical decision space. Damask has been quickly and easily grasped by everyone who's played it, but those deeper decisions keep everyone coming back for another game. For more please check out our reviews and previews below!

What's in the Box

We're keeping things simple for Damask- everyone who backs the game gets the best version of the game with all unlocked stretch goals enhancing the quality of the materials.
So what do you get in the box...
Please note, the final spinning wheel board will use a rivet to hold the wheel to the board. It will be double layered with a recess for the underside of the rivet, allowing it to sit flush on the table. Other components, such as the bags, round markers and cards will be upgraded for all backers according to stretch goals met.

Previews and Reviews

Kimberley from Rahdo Runs Through has given some fantastic Final Thoughts here- please give it a watch as they perfectly encapsulate what Damask is all about:

We're also massively pleased that Mark from The Dice Tower has done a preview for us, check it out here:

Next we've got a great review from Just Let Terrence Explain It (who has also been kind enough to do a 'how to play' as well!)

Next we have a fantastic written preview from Favourite Foe, check out her preview here, and I've posted an extract below:

TantrumHouse have the game and given their breakdown here:

We've just got an incredibly positive review from hetspelletjeskoppel here on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc-wlKqKJJe/ in both Dutch and English!

We'll continue to update this section as the previews come in.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)



After a successful fulfillment of our last game, we will be going with the same shipping and fulfillment partners as before, that is Gamesquest in the UK and EU, Fulfillrite in the USA, Pick & Pack Logistics in Canada, and VFI for Asia and Australia. The shipping situation has settled down compared to previous years, but whilst there still may be some changes, we guarantee that, no matter what, for UK and US backers the cost of the game & shipping will be less than the MSRP.
Shipping is friendly to US, Canadian, UK and EU backers.
Backers in Yorkshire, UK will also have the option to collect the game from Beyond Monopoly in York for free.

* Excluding Hawaii and Alaska

EU backers only will be charged VAT on the game and shipping in the pledge manager to make sure the game has friendly shipping.

Please note that there are some countries we cannot ship to. Please get in touch ahead of backing if you need the game shipped to a country not listed, or if you have any question about shipping.

Finally, just as in Die of the Dead, if we blast through our stretch goals we will use further savings from any increased print runs to further subsidise shipping to below these levels.

Why back now?

  • We have proven we are trustworthy: we got our last game, Die of the Dead, out to people ahead of time and under cost, all during Covid and the international shipping crisis. We only come to crowdfunding when we're absolutely ready to manufacture. To this extent we have even budgeted to begin the manufacturing as soon as we fund, to make sure we hit our schedule and can manage any suprises.
  • We're a small independent company, one which relies upon your support to keep on making games. This means we focus on a small selection of games and do small print runs. The only way to guarantee we make Damask and that you get a copy is by backing us here.
  • To say thank you to everyone supporting us, we are offering a tiny micro-expansion of Gamefound Damask cards. These will be exclusive to people backing us on Gamefound, and we are only charging enough to cover printing and distribution costs.
  • Finally, just as with Die of the Dead, we will make sure Gamefound backers get the best possible value. We understand the importance of rewarding people who have faith in us, and the simplest way to reward that faith is by delivering the best games, ahead of any retail release, at significantly less than MSRP. And that includes postage.

Risks and challenges

The key risks are still Covid impacting upon production, and global shipping disruption. To guard against these we have budgeted to begin making the manufacturing sample as soon as we fund, so by the time the crowdfunding ends we will be able to immediately begin manufacturing without any delay. Our plan also budgets for reputable, reliable shipping companies, to make sure the goods are shipped on time without any fuss.

Our basic timeline is as follows:
  • June-August- Manufacturing
  • September- November- Shipping to fulfillment centres
  • December-February- Deliver the games
This timeline has enough time for any contingencies which might occur during these steps.

One thing we pride ourselves on is communicating any challenges or suprises to our backers. We will make sure you know exactly what the status of delivery is, right up until it arrives at your door.

Refunds and cancellation

You can cancel at any point up until the crowdfunding ends, after which please contact us if you change your mind and would like a refund. From this point, refunds will be issued minus any Gamefound fee. Please note, once the game has been dispatched to you from our fulfillment centres we will no longer be able to issue refunds.

About us

Radical 8 Games is an independent publisher based in York, UK. Our most recent crowdfunded game, Die of the Dead, was funded, manufactured and delivered all ahead of schedule during the Covid-19 pandemic. Radical 8 Games is run by Mark, who spends most of his time at Beyond Monopoly! boardgame club trying to get more people to play Agricola. Designer Barbara Burfoot is a Canadian designer with a focus on making visually rich games that entice people to play. She’s been based in Wokingham and has worked up ideas alongside other designers with Playtest UK at the Reading and London Waterloo groups. Rusembell is an exceptional artist who has worked with us on Die of the Dead, and did loads of work with us on the visual design of Damask. You can check out more of her amazing artwork here: https://www.deviantart.com/rusembell.

We’re releasing our Developer Diary on our Website and on BoardGameGeek, if you’d like to know even more about the game, and see some insight into the development decisions please check them out!

Thanks to the following: all our playtesters, everyone who supports Playtest UK which do fantastic work for UK based designers, everyone at Beyond Monopoly, and the spin-off York playtesting group.

And thank you for supporting us!


If any retailers wish to stock Damask please contact us for more information.